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Posted on September 6, 2019

With summer now over, it’s time to get back to school and prepare for the most important time of the year in the e-commerce calendar. For over 80% of our 5,000 retailers, this quarter will determine whether 2019 has been a good year. Now is the time to start planning for a successful peak sales period, putting you ahead of the game – essential in today’s ever-changing online world.

Here at Kelkoo Group we can work with you to increase your performance and get ahead of your competition in this key trading period. Since September 2017, retailers have been able to test CSSs such as Kelkoo, to access Google Shopping Ads, the most important source of traffic and sales generation in today’s online marketing mix. We are still struggling to see the negatives. Read more here about what some of our retailers had to say.

Commercial Opportunities for Q4

The first advantage of switching to a CSS is obviously the fact that you won’t have to pay the Google Shopping margin, in play since September 2017 – we have calculated this to be around 20%.

However, the reality is that we have seen much bigger advantage than the 20%. Retailers have seen a drop of up to 35% of their CPC while retaining the same volume of impressions. Some of our retailers saw a decrease in their CPC of around 31%, but saw then a marked increase in impressions of 32%, leading increased click through rate and obviously, sales.

In any case, ROAS upped substantially since making the switch to Kelkoo Group.

PPC support on hand

The second advantage of switching to a CSS such as Kelkoo Group is the support you will receive from our top in-house talent. Our multilingual PPC Consultants have been managing campaigns for minimum 4 years in agencies or for well-known high street names. While they won’t take complete control of your campaigns, they are on hand to help you find the right balance between reducing your CPC and increasing impressions based on your KPIs and strategy.

While you can expect savings for your campaigns, this isn’t the primary reason that you should make the switch to Kelkoo Group. The primary reason is that we will make sure that you increase your performance and ROAS.

Looking for a boost?

Within 48 hours, the Kelkoo Group team can bring you live on Google Shopping Ads, with no change of tools or downtime in traffic to your store. The only change that you will notice is the increase of impressions once all your campaigns are with Kelkoo Group.

Why not get in touch with us today and speak to one of our local PPC teams, who are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

Keen to make the switch? Contact our sales teams here, and start reaping the benefits just in time for the busiest quarter of the sales calendar.

Looking to find out more about Google Shopping Ads? You can find out more on our Kelkoo Group blog.

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