Get transparent and direct access to Google’s advertising platforms, <br />
gain full control of your budget and increase your Return On Ad Spend<br />
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Get transparent and direct access to Google’s advertising platforms,
gain full control of your budget and increase your Return On Ad Spend

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Improve the efficiency of your campaigns on Google’s platform

Sell your products on Google’s Shopping Ads with a trusted Google Comparison Shopping Premium Partner. Keep the same Merchant Center/Ads accounts and retain full control of your campaign management via our Shopping Ads solution. Kelkoo Group simply acts as an alternative provider for your Google Shopping Ad campaigns, and will automatically get you access to increase bidding power. This will garner more impressions for your campaigns and give better value at click level.

To support your own marketing efforts, our experienced in-house consultants are here to help you optimise your investment, increase your performance on your Shopping Ad campaigns, and create a better return.

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    Operating on
    Google Shopping Ads

  2. 7M


    Generated for our merchants on a yearly basis

  3. 800M


    Generated in € for our merchants on a yearly basis

Work with a Premium Google CSS Partner

The first and biggest Comparison Shopping Premium Partner

Thanks to our strong expertise in Shopping, we were the first Comparison Shopping Service able to generate traffic through Google’s Shopping Ads for our retailers. Unsurprisingly, we are since then the biggest CSS across EEA + CH + UK.

Gain a competitive advantage on Google’s Shopping Ads

Partnering with Kelkoo Group will provide you with bidding advantage and transparency therefore giving you more control over your campaign management.

If you want to remain competitive as an online retailer, signing up with a Google Partner such as Kelkoo Group is a must. You will benefit from a bidding advantage on your Google Shopping Ads campaign, leading to more impressions and therefore more traffic to your product pages. Kelkoo Group’s consultants can then help you to leverage the bidding advantage, allowing to stay relevant and get ahead of your competition.

Easy campaign integration

Kelkoo offers a stable and reliable route to Google’s advertising platforms.

In your current Google Merchant Center, simply switch your Comparison Shopping Service provider to Kelkoo Group! This will automatically give you access to the bidding advantage, while keeping full control and transparency on your existing campaigns. Your Ads account will remain unchanged, and will continue to work and generate traffic without any interruption. Any other third party tool that you may have connected to your system will also remain unchanged, and you can continue to manage your campaigns the same way with the same tools!

Our in-house multilingual tech team are able to provide support during this process and guide you throughout the different steps. Switching to Kelkoo Group takes less than 48 hours with no interruption of traffic and no loss of history for your campaigns. It cannot be simpler and safer.

Dedicated expert consultancy

Benefit from localised market support from our multilingual team of experts.

At Kelkoo Group, you have access to a dedicated Google certified consultant who will support you across your different campaigns. From technical migration to the optimisation of your feed, or different campaigns, the experts at Kelkoo Group can help you get more out of your current set-up. There are different levels of service available, providing for more flexibility. Based on your needs, we can provide you with detailed monthly reports, recommendations for improvement, market data, or we can simply manage the campaign on your behalf, if required.

Success stories<br />
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Success stories

Find out how leading sports and nutrition retailer MyProtein saw a 12% traffic increase and a jump of 12% in CTR after partnering with Kelkoo Group

Looking for a fully managed
Shopping Ads campaign?

Managing your own Google Shopping feed and bid management can become complex and time consuming. Rely on our team of experts to manage your Google Shopping Ads campaigns from technical migration to bid management and campaign optimisation.

Why is Kelkoo Group a trusted and reliable player

We have over 22 years of experience in e-commerce, digital marketing and consumer intelligence, we use shopping intent data and cutting-edge technology to deliver quality traffic to merchants. As the first Premium Google Comparison Shopping Site Partner, we take advantage of our unique datasets and experience to continuously strengthen our tools and knowledge to increase the performance of our Shopping Ads solutions.


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