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At Kelkoo Group we pursue traffic quality above all else. Ensuring you receive the best service is critical to our success as well as yours. As such, we take a multi-faceted approach to traffic quality that begins with how we recruit into our premium publisher network and extends into AI-driven traffic management techniques to help you meet your CoS targets all while maximising revenue.

Premium Publisher network

  • Our dedicated publisher teams review every publisher that applies to Kelkoo Group to ensure they meet our rigorous standards. We take the time to speak with publishers, review their sites and the experience they offer their users. Beyond that, we work closely with them to ensure their integrations are of a high standard. Any potential misuse of our tools is mitigated against through extensive rules and monitoring.

Beating fraud

Unfortunately there’s no shortage of bad actors looking to take advantage of retailers via e-commerce platforms. That’s why we go above and beyond to tackle fraudulent behaviour – anything less than well-intentioned, human traffic is unacceptable and we fight it on multiple fronts.

  • We invalidate any traffic where the user is not properly redirected to your site. For example, where a user’s browser window is not properly visible like with pop-under advertising. We prevent any of our publisher network from manipulating URLs or the user journey for the purposes of cookie stuffing.

  • In addition to our own efforts to ensure that publisher integrations meet our stringent requirements, we work closely with market-leading bot-detection company DataDome. Their real-time bot detection goes beyond preventing you from accidentally getting charged for a “click” from a web crawler. Most malicious bots will attempt to mimic aspects of human behaviour in order to defraud and with bot attacks expected to increase over 400% in the next 4 years you need marketing partners that take fraud seriously. DataDome’s technology allows us to identify and eliminate fraud from bot traffic to ensure you only pay for real, human interaction and in 2022 we helped merchants save over €20m by blocking bot attacks and fraud attempts.

Bespoke traffic mix

If over 20 years of experience in e-commerce has taught us one thing, it’s that not every publisher works for every merchant. That’s why we employ machine learning technology to tailor the mix of traffic sources you receive from us. We identify what works for your site and work to secure more of it, all the while limiting the traffic you receive from sources that perform below expectations.

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