Access millions of offers via API or Feed Service <br />
and create Custom Ads to monetise your audience<br />
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Access millions of offers via API or Feed Service
and create Custom Ads to monetise your audience

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Build custom ads integrations

with our comprehensive catalogue of retail and travel offers

Our Custom solutions can be tailored to the needs of advanced Publishers with complex monetisation challenges

Customise our core offering (Shopping API, Feed Service) to reach your goals

Our catalogue of millions of offers adapts to your audience

At Kelkoo Group, we work with over 12,000 merchants in 26 countries. Our specialist teams manage a catalogue of over 275 million offers monthly, and are on hand to customise your merchant access to this database to meet with your needs. Our conversion data allows us to better target campaigns, ensuring optimal performance for your customised ad module.

What are the benefits of working with custom ad integration?

Custom advertising campaigns adapt to your audience and complex monetisation challenges. This approach relies on deeper data analysis and optimisation, providing you with a targeted approach, in which each user is addressed as an individual.

With our extensive shopping and travel catalogue, we provide a comprehensive selection enabling you to adapt to any kind of shopping audience and maximise your earnings through more relevant content and Custom Ads.

Dynamic ads with Kelkoo Group

Looking for display ad solutions?

Our Dynamic Ads solution provides you with a platform to choose between various ad formats and customisation options, displaying the product of your choice from our comprehensive retail and travel product catalogue, enabling you to easily create personalised display ads.

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