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Kelkoo Group is a worldwide e-commerce marketing platform connecting online retailers with publishers. Our network of more than 2500 selected publishers, generates traffic for 10000+ merchants, across 39 countries, and manages over 275 million offers monthly. We have over 20 years of experience leveraging purchase intent data and cutting-edge technology to deliver quality traffic to online shops by displaying their products to millions of shoppers every day. We work with all types of publishers, from native and content to social media and beyond.

Why Kelkoo Group?

  • high revenue solution

    High revenue solution

    • Our top publishers earn more than €300,000+ per month
    • Get paid for every click
    • 60 day payment terms
  • comprehensive merchant database

    Comprehensive merchant database

    • 275 million products
    • 10 000+ merchants
    • 39 countries
  • Transparency and reliability

    Transparency and reliability

    • Dedicated local account manager
    • Dedicated publisher extranet with reliable tracking and accurate reporting
    • No setup cost

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Meet our publisher team

Our team is on hand to work closely with you to optimise your performance and maximise your revenue. Providing regular feedback and updates on the latest trends to help you improve your monetisation strategy

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