Spring Time Marketing – Capitalise on your Spring traffic

Posted on April 29, 2019

Spring is finally upon us gracing us with sunnier days, there is a feeling of renewal after a long cold winter. As a business, you should definitely be taking advantage of the positivity in the air and placing a focus on spring themed marketing as the seasons change. We’ve put together some of our top spring marketing ideas to help increase your ROI this season.

Customer engagement

Social media provides numerous marketing possibilities. Crafting your content based on seasonal themes is a beneficial way to increase user engagement across multiple social platforms. This spring, consider updating the imagery across your site and on your socials to match the season, adding a fresh and fun spring feeling. Google Trends is a convenient tool to work out which subjects are trending over spring allowing you to capitalize on the popular topics and relevant hashtags. Aligning your campaigns to the spring season will help to build your brand and community, whilst posting engaging content worth sharing will ultimately drive more traffic to your online store.

With the change in season, it’s also worth considering giving your social campaigns a paid boost to widen your reach. Use this opportunity to get creative with your social media budget through launching seasonal giveaways or competitions to your followers, encouraging them to share posts and tag their friends will give them even more of an incentive to come back to your page.

Relationship renewal

Email marketing is a cost-effective way of reaching out to your previous and existing customers converting potential leads into purchases. These are an amazing way to update your customers regarding seasonal offers, new products and even educational content from your blog or social marketing channels, making sure to always include a relevant call to action encouraging viewers to click through to your site. It is important to schedule regular newsletter updates to keep your audience in the loop and interested. Keeping with the theme of renewal, spring is the perfect time to launch retargeting email campaigns, enticing your old customers back in with promotions and offers too good to refuse and reinitiating relationships with customers. Alongside this, ensure you are consistently reaching out to repeat customers, offering rewards to loyal customers to ensure they keep returning to your store again and again.

Spring clean your inventory

Promotions are another way to give your company an edge by capitalising on products that are in tune with the seasons for your target audience.  You might also want to take advantage of the change in season as an opportunity to spring clean your inventory and clear out last season’s products. This works well when paired with a sense of urgency, creating offers that are time sensitive will give customers that extra push to make purchase decisions faster and more frequently.

As with every season, Spring offers several unique marketing opportunities and it’s a crucial marketing opportunity for your business whether that be through social media, email campaigns or promotional offers.

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