Merry Marketing: Our Guide to last-minute marketing strategies

Posted on December 11, 2019

With only 2 weeks left in the build up to Christmas now is the time to really focus on your e-commerce marketing efforts and attract this season’s last-minute shoppers. There are so many Christmas marketing ideas you can implement quickly so, don’t worry if you’re a little behind on your Christmas strategy, we’ve put together some top industry last minute tips.

Create a sense of urgency

Adding a Christmas countdown to your online store is a simple but effective way to increase your sales this December, working as a gentle reminder to keep your visitors in that holiday mind set. And with recent years showing an increase in consumer procrastination around the holiday season, why not add to the festive fun by launching day-by-day limited time promotions, creating a sense of urgency and encouraging your shoppers into quick and speedy purchase decisions – attracting some extra sales this season.

Cater to the Christmas customer

Christmas shopping is renowned for being a little stressful so, until your customer breathes that last sigh of relief, you should be offering simple solutions wherever you can. Offering next day or express delivery can make all the difference to the busy seasonal shopper, pair this with the promotion of easy present ideas such as online gift cards and your customers will be stress free this season.

Enhance your SEO

Over the Christmas period it’s all about the content especially when it comes to your search performance. Ranking higher in search results this December can make all the difference so think about identifying the Christmas search terms and phrases your target audience will be searching for. Creating promotional content such as blog posts and gift guides is another effective way to climb up those rankings this season, hitting as many keywords as you can.

Increase your PPC budget

A quick and effective way to increase sales over the Christmas period is to increase your budget on any PPC campaigns you’re currently running. Increasing your budget will result in your ad being seen by more people, growing brand awareness and ultimately boosting your sales. With the competition becoming increasingly fierce in the run up to Christmas, it’s important to ensure your PPC campaigns are fully optimised.

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