Key trends to look out for at DMEXCO19

Posted on July 7, 2019

Kelkoo Group is once again taking part in DMEXCO, Europe’s largest digital marketing conference, bringing 41,000 visitors and 1,000 exhibitors to Cologne, Germany for two days of media and marketing business networking opportunities. In preparation for this year’s conference we’ll be looking at some key digital marketing trends that are set to take centre stage in September. Read on to find out the areas that we think are the ones to watch this 2019.

General data protection regulations

GDPR and the ongoing Facebook data scandals last year saw an increase in people paying attention to how and where their personal data is being stored in the digital space. As an industry, we are beginning to accept the responsibility that comes with the digitalisation of the market space and are finding the equilibrium between privacy and personal marketing.

What impact has this had on customer behaviour? We expect to see sessions exploring this as well as determining what the industry has learnt and the best practices for businesses to make the most of the legislation.

Social media and Influencers

It is impossible to think about privacy in the digital space without acknowledging audiences increasing demand for transparency and authenticity. Influencer marketing found itself at the centre of a media storm last year, with fraudulent campaigns hitting the headlines, so how are marketers combatting this? We expect to see a focus on micro influencers with brands creating highly targeted and meaningful campaigns, putting a focus on how they work with influencers rather than who they work with.

Personalisation of the digital space

Another major trend set to feature at DMEXCO is the personalisation of marketing techniques. Consumers are aware brands are using their data to improve their customer journey online, providing them with relevant shopping experiences representative to individual needs and behaviour. We hope to see a strong focus on how the industry leaders are getting this right and how new data types can be used to create a completely personalised and memorable consumer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Consumers increasingly are expect an instant response when interacting with brands online. Chat bots are vastly increasing in popularity, due to recent advancements in their technologies and algorithms they now have the potential to be indistinguishable from human conversation. This technology is advancing at a rapid pace, brands are learning how to utilise this tech to identify customer needs.

AI is only as good as the people who are using it. We expect there to be a big focus around who is using AI, what skills are required and how we can improve the relationship between man and machine to ensure the customer is still at the centre of the brand experience.


2018 was a big year for antitrust laws in the EU, with Google being hit with over €4.3 billion in fines and as we move further into 2019, abuse from the tech giant continues. Hit again with billions worth of fines in March the EU antitrust scandals are still ongoing and damaging e-commerce businesses.

What’s next in the antitrust case and how can ecommerce businesses avoid being caught in the crossfire? We expect this to be a theme amongst many talks and sessions throughout the conference with the issue still making headline news.

Out of all the trends we are expecting to make an appearance at DMEXCO19 there seems to be a recurring theme around trust and transparency in ecommerce with an increasing call for companies to commit to doing the right thing for the industry and consumers. Come and join us at stand D-019 in Hall 7 this, September 11-12th to find out more about how our product offering can boost your traffic and online opportunities for your business. Get your tickets now to find out more about how our ecommerce solutions can benefit your business.

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