Five tips to boost your Valentine’s Day sales

Posted on January 23, 2019

Valentine’s Day provides the ideal post-Christmas opportunity for you to increase your turnover. In fact, one in three people in the UK buy their gifts for Valentine’s Day online, providing ample opportunity for you to feel the love and convert clicks into sales for your online store.

So, if you are looking to feel the love this 2019, read on to find out our top five tips to boost your Valentine’s Day sales:

Show your site some love

Do you leave an online store if you can’t find what you are looking for? The same rule of thumb applies for your customers. Set up a dedicated Valentine’s Day section, divided by age or a male/female split to improve your overall browsing experience. Make the most of your product pages by using quality images, accompanied by a well-written description. It is also worth giving your site design a temporary themed overall to get your browsers in the mood. Place your top products in pride of place on the front page, and include a call to action to lead your shoppers straight to your Valentine’s Day deals.

Optimal service

Don’t scrimp on service this Valentine’s Day and ensure that your site visitors can easily search through your site, providing a seamless experience right up to checking out. Consider including a Valentine’s wrapping service or a free card for your customers, to add that extra special touch for their online purchases. Up your customer service to ensure that you continue to attract both new and existing customers to your store.

Guarantee delivery dates

There’s nothing worse than a disappointed customer, and love won’t blossom if your Valentine’s gift doesn’t arrive in time for the 14th. Ensure that your delivery dates are guaranteed and highlighted during the entire buying process. Ensure that you honour commitments. A satisfied customer will remember the quality of service for their next purchase – and this will also determine whether they buy from you again in the future.

Up your targeted marketing

From sharing the love on social to sending out targeted emails to your current customers, don’t hesitate to take open advantage of the ongoing sales period and offer special Valentine’s Day promotions. Highlight your exclusive offers via email, or share 24 hour sales opportunities on your social media channels to attract customers to your store. Highlighting your guaranteed delivery dates and free gift wrap will also provide you with more content, and are bonus factors for any browser in time for February 14th.

Include reviews

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, chances are your shoppers will have little margin for error when it comes to choosing the right gifts for their loved ones. Improve their overall chances and include reviews across your store.

Keep our five tips in mind and you are sure to keep cupid on side this Valentine’s Day.

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