Fall in love with sales this Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 4, 2022

How can you win the affection of potential shoppers this February?

If you love sales, you’re going to love this… Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and it brings fantastic opportunities for online growth. As a global event, with almost every country in the world celebrating Valentine’s Day, you’ve got a wide target market. 71% of those in France, 76% of Brits and 81% of Canadians celebrate the day, showing just how many millions of people across the world you have the potential to reach with branding, deals and increased advertising.

Consider moving Valentine gifts to the landing page of your website; even if your products aren’t Valentine related, a romantic makeover of your website may encourage people to purchase items for their other half. Valentine’s Day queries are in top searched terms as early as mid-January, so it’s time to get those skates on…

The Social media ad affair

If you want to spark the connection with your online store and with romantics in need of inspiration, consider some precisely placed social media ads. Seeing your campaign on their feed acts as a reminder to shoppers that V-Day is coming up , and if your store is supporting discounts then it’s the perfect way to get that message out. With Valentine’s Day shopping moving further online, find out here how we can help optimise your campaign.

Traditional is out

Traditional Valentine gifts like flowers and chocolates are facing competition from some more modern alternatives, especially in the increasingly virtual pandemic world. Personalised E-books are feeling more love than ever from consumers, especially romantics kept apart by distance or restrictions. Some are even splashing out on more expensive gifts. In France (2021), 22% said they’d be purchasing technology, only a margin lower than the 25% who said they’d be buying chocolates, a more conventional present.[BA1]. The younger generations also tend to be more experienced focused, with 25-34 year olds in the US 18% more likely to gift an experience than an item. The average spend per person is $164.76 so there’s huge scope for your sales to rise significantly in February.

Galentine’s gifts

The day of romance has expanded in recent years, and people have begun using the 14th February to show love for their friends too. It now receives almost the same numbers of mentions on social media, showing that Valentine’s Day is no longer exclusively for those in relationships. Personalised gifts have always been a firm favourite for love birds, but they are becoming popular between platonic soulmates too. Consider targeting your marketing towards friends and other singletons as the target audience widens each year as Galentine’s picks up popularity.

We love you too…

At Kelkoo, we’re here to help you (with sales, not love!). Our recent article on important shopping dates year round will give you more information on how to promote your products.

If you have any queries on how we can help optimise your campaign, contact us here.

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