Content Curation- The key to increasing your online engagement

Posted on May 24, 2019

In business increasing your company’s online engagement and reputation can remains a challenge. Enter content curation, the process of creating, sourcing and sharing relevant industry information and news with your network. Curating content from across the web establishes your business as a market authority and improves engagement with your audience. Over 50% of marketers, according to curata, agree that content curation has increased their brand visibility, web traffic and overall awareness positively.

If you need to boost engagement, then read on to find out how content curation could provide the solution that your business is after:

The internet is over saturated.

Social media provides the ideal platform for content curation. Sharing posts and content from other authors demonstrates confidence and expertise to your followers helping to position your business as an expert in its field.  In the overpopulated world of social media, it’s all about standing out from the crowd. There can be thousands of publishers online writing about a certain subject, producing a mass of content, making it challenging for consumers to identify which sources of information to trust. Through content curation you’re doing the hard work for your audience, delivering them with reliable and trustworthy information they’ll keep coming back for.

Effective content curation is all about highlighting fresh content that readers have not seen before, adding value whilst impressing the original source. Leveraging ‘expert’ content allows you to be seen as the go-to for the all best information and new trending topics.

Social media Is all about relevance.

When it comes to social media for business, it’s important to keep a blend of curated content with your own content created in-house. Curating content is an effective way to keep your current audience interested and engaged whist also having the potential to massively widen your company reach online. Get creative with the way you incorporate curated posts into your schedule for example, introducing a weekly feature on your website, social channels or email newsletter. RSS feeds are an effective way to source content, alerting you when new content is published. Installing an RSS feed into your business’ website or blog will also enable your readers to stay up to date with all your latest content – meaning they never miss a post.

Build rapport and create a lasting relationship with customers.

A well-executed content curation strategy adds value for readers often resulting in social shares; with curated content generally delivering a higher quality source of traffic, an increase in back links and enhancement of your online presence. These factors are all beneficial to your site’s SEO. Whether you’re curating content on your social media channels, through email marketing or creating a designated page on your company website, it’s a tactic proven of adding worth to your brand and creating a lasting relationship with customers. Build your reputation and curate content that your audience will appreciate and value.

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