5 simple fixes to add some sparkle back into your online store in time for the Christmas shopping peak

Posted on December 4, 2019

The Christmas shopping period is now well underway both on and offline, and provides one of the key opportunities for retailers to meet with their revenue targets towards the end of the year and beyond. For smaller online stores it can be tough to get your brand and product offering noticed, however there are a few simple fixes that you can use to drive more traffic to your shop and convert clicks into sales – all while providing a magical shopping experience for consumers. Read on to find out more about our 5 simple fixes to add some sparkle back into your online store in time for the Christmas shopping peak.

Give gifting recommendations

With some shoppers, it can be hard to get them to part with their well-earned cash, however, providing a dedicated ‘gifting’ section on your website is the ideal way to ease the purchasing process for stubborn e-shoppers. Make sure that you plan your digital campaigns to support this seasonal part of your store, with a ‘Christmas gift inspiration’ run down across your social channels, and consider email marketing for customers on your mailing list. Displaying products as per price bracket or adding a ‘stocking fillers’ section is also a quick and easy way to push e-shoppers into making a purchase.

Share the love on social

In the UK alone, 26% of shoppers regularly recommend or seek out recommendations of products on social media, and Christmas is no different. Social media is a very effective resource for retailers to take advantage of. From Instagram for photos and video reviews, to Facebook to encourage comments and shares, now is the ideal time of the year to share the festive love on social. Check that your social sharing options are easy to use, and consider offering rewards for customers who post product reviews – loyalty points or discount codes will keep them coming back for your store for more.

Sparkling service from start to finish

Short delivery times and extended returns periods aside, you will also need to consider how you can provide customer support through other channels during the entire Christmas period, such as web chat and via social media. Customers will expect the same level of service through these support channels, so ensure that you have staff dedicated to answering questions and delivering short response times.

Unstoppable Shopping

Believe it or not, shoppers will continue to browse and make purchases online during Christmas Day and Boxing Day in the UK. From sales shoppers on the hunt for a bargain or last-minute present shopping, as a retailer you can still build customer loyalty. Reward your customers by inviting them to to member-only sales in-store or online where they can get exclusive, first look at products in the January sales before you share the offers with the wider online world. Personalised deals, 24-hour discount codes and deals for loyal shoppers are just some of the promotions that you can use to drive sales after Christmas day, as a special ‘thank you’ to customers that shopped with you.

Sparkle and shine at Christmas

Remember the experience that your shoppers have with you during the Christmas period will influence how likely it is that they will shop with you again in the future. Be sure to give dedicated gifting recommendations, ensure that you share the love on social, provide outstanding service for your e-shoppers and take time to sparkle and shine this Christmas time.

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