Posted on November 2, 2020

The Italian platform for the pharmacy

Farmakom ( was founded in 2016 to support the digitization of Italian pharmacies by providing technologies, methods and processes to enhance the figure of the pharmacist on the national market. To date, the company is a leader in Italy in eCommerce for pharmacies and parapharmacies and is led by the three co-founding partners: Andrea Mangilli, Massimiliano Misseri and Alberto Trussardi.

Through automation, process management and sales tools, Farmakom enhances the professionalism of the pharmacist, who has always been a fundamental pillar of the Italian economy, both locally, in their own pharmacy, and digitally, integrating new communication models to reach distant people and markets. With Farmakom, the pharmacist embarks on a journey into innovation and creativity in knowing how to sell, which has always been the strength of pharmacies and today a strategic opportunity for their growth.

Over the next few years, Farmakom aims to consolidate its national leadership, but also to turn its attention to the Spanish, French and German markets, which follow a logic very similar to the Italian ones and therefore constitute an excellent opportunity to scale business abroad.

Farmakom and Kelkoo Group

Are you a pharmacy looking for an easy and economical “turnkey” solution integrated with all the main players on the market? Discover the Farmakom solution; a special offer is reserved for those who activate the Kelkoo module:

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