Maximise your Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign performances

Our team of experts will provide expert consultancy

to help you make the most out of the following areas

If an aspect of interest isn’t in the following list, please let us know and we will provide a customised answer.

Your campaign targeting

• Make sure you target the right audiences
• Get advantage of all audience options: Custom audiences, Lookalike
audiences, Narrow targeting, Broad targeting

Your campaign set up

• Use the right bidding strategy for your goals
• Make use of all available data for you

Your ad placements

• Advertise on the right platforms and use the right placements for your
category of products
• Make the best use of all advertising formats: Single image, Single
video, Carousel, Slideshow, Collection, Instant Experience
• Get advantage of Collection Ads: upload up to 50 products. When
clicked, users can instantly browse and shop
• Create the best combination of creatives, ad copies and CTA for each
auction, platform and audience

Find the best campaign setup to optimise your performance

• A/B testing for your creatives
• A/B testing for your targeting
• A/B testing for placements and channels

Analyse results

• Measure and analyse the data that matters to you
• Create custom reports to highlight your key indicators and facilitate
the growth and profitability of your business
• Use key learnings from your campaigns to optimise your new campaigns

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