Case Studies

Worten Case Study

Posted on February 22, 2023

-7% CPC with Kelkoo CSS

Worten is one of the biggest electronic and home appliances retail brand from SONAE Group in Portugal.

They began their collaboration with Kelkoo Group in 2017. They initially started on our Performance solution, until they switched to our CSS in 2021 as well. Worten now take advantage of two of our solutions in order to reach their maximum potential.


  1. Low COS performance
  2. Generate more sales
  3. Decrease CPC
  4. High conversion rate

Success with Kelkoo CSS

19th July 2022 – compared to previous Google CSS                             January 8th 2023 – compared to 19th July 2021

  1. -8%

    Average CPC

  2. +3%


  3. -7.5%

    Average CPC

  4. +7%


Portuguese Performance results

January 2022 – January 2023

  1. >240,000


    Average per month

  2. >6,000


    Average per month

  3. 2.5%


    Average per month

Ricardo Avelino, Head of Acquisition, Worten

Kelkoo Group provide a great service throught their CSS solution for our Google Shopping Ads. This allowed us to reduce our google shopping campaign costs, which enabled us to be present in more searches and consequently generate an higher volume of sales.
Kelkoo is undoubtedly a value-added partner for Worten’s business.

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