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Groupon Case Study

Posted on February 15, 2023

Groupon use Multi-Serving to boost Christmas Traffic

The merchant & the objectives

Groupon is a major global marketplace covering physical goods as well as vouchers and experiences and have been partners with Kelkoo Group CSS for almost five years.

Heading into the crucial Q4 season they wanted to explore all opportunities to deliver efficient traffic at scale. Kelkoo Group, as a CSS group, is able to offer three separate CSS sources across most EU countries. This benefit of this is that a retailer can double or triple up their activity whilst still taking advantage of Performance Max (PMax) all in the same single Google Ads Account.

Another advantage is that Multi-Serving can allow you to test various structures and tactics across Standard Shopping and PMax so that you can find the right setup for your business. For example via Multi-Serving you can test different PMax Assets as well as designated campaigns for New vs. Returning customers.

For Groupon, Multi-Serving allowed them to push new Seasonal products without disturbing the original BAU Campaigns. This helped to drive 10% more Traffic in key EU countries over the crucial December period, whilst maintaining the same ROAS.

To summarise the key advantages:

  • 1

    Test different Assets within PMax to see which ones drive better performance.

  • 2

    Run separate activity across BAU and Seasonal with different budgets and targets.

  • 3

    Run designated campaigns for New and Returning customers with specific set-ups.

Malgorzata Zajac, SEM Specialist at Groupon

The Multi-Serving functionality gave more exposure to seasonal Shopping Offers. We were able to easily optimize those products for specific events, without changing our main campaigns. Experimenting with different Settings, Assets, Audiences and Inventory can be done with ease. Going forward, we’ll continue using the Multi-Serving option to help us better understand the Performance Max for Retail campaigns and experiment with new Shopping Ads strategies. The Kelkoo team has really helped us and guided us through the process, providing valuable advice on how to best utilize this new resource.” 

Check out how Kelkoo Group can help you maximise your Shopping Ads campaigns !

Find out more about our Shopping Ads solution here and talk to us for individual tailor made solutions. Kelkoo Group has been a leading player in Google’s CSS space since the start and our results with Groupon are not a one off. If your brand is looking to grow, then get in touch as the CSS Bidding Advantage is a great tool for helping you reach your targets whilst also reducing your CPC so you can re-invest in other channels.

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