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Through Shopping Ads by Kelkoo Group, Flooring Supplies UK achieve 35% lower CPC

Posted on May 7, 2020

Google Premium Comparison Shopping Partner, Kelkoo Group, helps Flooring Supplies UK achieve 35% lower average CPC. With over 20 years in market as a premium UK floor supplier, and extensive omnichannel marketing experience, Flooring Supplies UK were looking to improve their positioning and ranking in the Shopping Ads space.

Already using CPC and digital marketing as part of their strategy, Flooring Supplies UK were keen to benefit from Shopping Ads on Google Search, following Google’s September 2017 announcement. The company were looking to benefit from the 20% saving on their current Shopping Ads campaigns, while reducing the amount of CPC managed in house. Offering over 1000 floors, Flooring Supplies UK were looking to obtain more quality clicks to their website, while gaining increased visibility for their brand. 

The floor supplier decided to partner with Kelkoo Group, to ensure that they could optimise their campaigns and quality clicks to their website, while benefiting from the same reporting tools as on their existing Google Shopping accounts. Thanks to our strong expertise and data driven approach, Kelkoo Group was the first Comparison Shopping Service able to generate traffic through Shopping Ads for retailers, offering quality traffic in 22 countries globally.

After running a 50/50 test, Flooring Supplies UK went fully live on Kelkoo Group’s platform in Summer 2018.

“Partnering with Kelkoo Group has been a seamless experience, thanks to their transparent fee structure and support during the entire process from onboarding to go live. I am really looking forward to see this relationship develop.” Liz Haigh, Marketing Manager, Flooring Supplies UK.

With no costly set up fees and a transparent fee structure, the flooring company has already seen their CPC increase by an average of 35%.

Adrian Lee, CEO.

“Kelkoo Group provide a unique level of service compared to other CSS within the Google Partner Programme. Through monthly insights and support, I am confident that we have the opportunity to go even further in the Shopping Ads space.”

Adrian Lee, CEO.

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