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FB Italia ups traffic by 813% in time for Black Friday

Posted on May 7, 2020

FB Italia, a leading sports products and clothing brand, were looking to improve their advertising activity and increase their presence on Google Shopping Ads, with emphasis on the Black Friday period. The company partnered with Kelkoo Group and our in-house team delivered several ways to improve their overall advertising strategy and output.

Improving presence during Key Moments: IT Test

What was the goal?

Increase visibility for LB Italia during the hyper competitive Black Friday, grab market share and help the account capture specific high volume and queries.

How did Kelkoo Group assist?

With the help of Merchant Centre Feed Rules Kelkoo Group was able to optimise the feed for this peak sales period, enhancing the traffic and improving relevancy for Black Friday themed queries. As we know from previous experience, even a quick change in the feed can have a big impact in capturing relevant traffic.

Test results

The test contributed toward a 765.31% Traffic increase in related queries compared to 2018, and a decrease in CPC by 18.27%, inverting statistics that position Black Friday as a super competitive and expensive period of the year.

“Aware of the importance of the seasonal traffic, Kelkoo Group helped us improving our performances for the Black Friday period, with related traffic increasing by 813% compared to the same period last year, with a 19.23% CPC reduction. We’re now working together on other areas to test and see if we can get similar results.”

Stefano Milella – E-commerce Manager

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