Why multi-traffic Services and Google Shopping Ads should form the perfect team for your Campaigns

Posted on August 1, 2019

“I have signed up to a multi-traffic campaign with Kelkoo Group, but I do not wish to include Google Shopping Ads traffic as part of my contract.”

We have seen numerous retailers having doubts over the inclusion of Google Shopping as part of their multi-traffic campaigns, opting out from Shopping Ads traffic.

These factors are impacting retailer opt out:

PPC is dependant on another budget or team

Here at Kelkoo Group, Google Shopping Ads acts as an additional Kelkoo Group publisher solution, providing retailers with additional traffic for the same cost per click as agreed for their publisher network. This CPC for affiliate traffic is on average, three to four times smaller than the average CPC on Google Shopping – providing access to different auctions than the one targeted with your own PPC campaigns.

Risk of competition with in-house PPC campaigns on Google Shopping

Partnering with Kelkoo Group’s affiliate offering will provide you with access to additional auctions and a variety of keywords on Shopping Ads. These auctions are at a lower level than your own PPC Campaigns, reducing the risk of interference. In the unlikely event that both campaigns evolve at the same level, Google has implemented a mechanism to prevent retailers competing with themselves: if one given retailer enters the auction through two different CSSs, the price of the click will be calculated based on the next eligible retailer.

Partnering with Kelkoo Group will therefore enable you to increase your visibility and campaign reach, without harming your own campaigns.

No concerns over cannibalisation

On Shopping Ads you are targeting a query and not a product. Your PPC campaigns are optimised based on your products specifically, whereas our Kelkoo campaigns are built out based on the different products we have from our retailers, we might then reply with different products to the same query.

If you have several offers displaying in the Product Listing Ads carousel through different sources/CSSs, this will increase your visibility and there is no risk of cannibalisation as the clicks are all directed to your online store.

Looking to boost your multi-traffic campaigns? Why not get in touch with our sales teams to discuss how our product solutions and unique approach can benefit your online offering.

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