Trust in the digital space: The future of e-commerce and DMEXCO19

“As users, we need to trust that we can engage in respectful interaction with each other on the web and especially on social networks. We need to trust that companies in the digital economy will treat us and our data with respect and responsibility.”

– Dominik Matyka, Chief Advisor DMEXCO

Trust in digital environments

Trust is one of the most researched and complex phenomena now factoring its way into the digital space. It stands as a measure of confidence and reassurance for online shoppers and is a vital part of today’s e-commerce process. Customer behaviour online is becoming increasing impacted by a merchant’s trust factor, with a lack of it often being the main reason for cart abandonment. However, recently we have seen trust issues affecting business behaviour as well as the consumer. The past few years has seen our attention directed towards the misconduct by tech giants in the digital industry, with continuous antitrust and competition law abuse highlighting how the concept of trust in the digital space can make or break a business.

The future of e-commerce

With these issues continuing to shape the way e-commerce business are functioning in 2019, it’s vital to ensure your business is aware of the impact something as simple as trust can have. We’ve seen the likes of Google and Amazon under fire over unfair competition in the marketplace and we predict this to shape the future of e-commerce, levelling out the playing field for those with lesser influence and market dominance.

We expect this topic to be a prevailing factor in many discussions at this September’s DMEXCO conference with this year’s slogan being ‘Trust in You’. We expect the conference to take a positive outlook on the situation, bringing the ecommerce community together and steering thoughts away from the stress of market and business competition.

Consumers Trust In You

When considering trust from a consumer standpoint, as an e-commerce business you need to establish this during the first few clicks on your site; for consumers who are shopping with a brand they are unfamiliar with, their online experience is a crucial factor in purchase decisions.

How can you combat the challenge of over overpowering user’s fear to buy from a smaller business? Using clear trust signals such as third-party reviews, security seals and offering free returns is an effective way to boost trust and buy-in from your market. Even details such as adding pictures of clients or team members to an ‘About Us’ page can be a source of some extra reassurance to consumers.

DMEXCO19 is fast approaching and  we are excited to see what other aspects of trust and it’s effect on the future of ecommerce will be discussed at the conference. Come and join us at stand D-019a, Hall 7 this September 11-12th to find out more about how our product offerings can boost your traffic and online opportunities for your business.

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