Top tips for spring cleaning your online store

Spring clean

Spring is well on the way, and with seasonal change upon us what better time to take stock of your e-commerce site and do some much-needed sorting and cleaning?  Although many online retailers would love to consider their e-commerce stores provide an evergreen range of products and solutions, the reality is that pages can fast become outdated and databases cluttered.

Spring cleaning your site will give your SEO a boost and help to turn clicks into conversions. From updating your product descriptions and ad copy to changing your product photos, our top tips can help you to get started and inject your store with a new lease of life:

Update your current content

Old, outdated content will impact the amount of traffic that your online store receives over time, no matter how great it is. Taking the time to repurpose your content will boost your search rankings and increase your website traffic once more. Spring is the ideal time to identify the content that performed best and improve upon it. Not only does this provide an opportunity for those who missed your content a first time to read it, it also gives you another opportunity to promote your content on different channels.

When revisiting your content, don’t forget to fix any broken links. Clicking on a link only to find an error page is annoying to visitors to your online store. To improve the user experience and your SEO, check that your links are working and fix any broken ones.

Clear up your data

Data is essential for your online store. It’s what you will use to measure the efficiency of your online marketing campaigns and to help you to identify when and where you need to make improvements. However, data can soon need a clear out as your store increases in size and the number of transactions rises. By cleaning and organizing your store’s online data you can begin to get rid of duplicates, improve your lead generation and reach an even greater number of customers.

Check out your competition

If you are looking to get ahead in the e-commerce space, then it pays to see what your key competition is offering – and find ways to do it better. Any changes that they have made to their online store, such as appealing to new markets or demographics, could provide you with ideas to help you tap into new e-shoppers. From updating your pricing to reviewing your competitor’s marketing strategies, completing a marketplace analysis will enable you to improve the performance of your site and remain ahead.

Launch seasonal promotions

Who doesn’t love a good deal? If you aren’t adding seasonal discount codes, promotions or flash sales for your new and existing customers then you could be missing out on crucial sales opportunities.

Take time to personalise your offers to appeal to your current customers or email list subscribers. Changing seasons or holidays offer opportunities to offer new deals or exclusive offers, helping you to convert clicks into sales. Finally, offering discounts for online reviews will help you to increase your sales while also rewarding a loyal customer prior to their next purchase. 

Spring provides the perfect opportunity for you to launch a range of promotions.

So if you are looking to give your online store a new lease of life, then take the time to spring clean your offering and reap the rewards.

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