Key Winter dates for your E-commerce calendars

With just over 2 months left of 2019, it can be tempting to start focusing all your marketing efforts into planning your 2020 strategies. However, the busiest quarter of the retail calendar, Q4, is still to come, providing you with plenty of opportunities for promotions, marketing campaigns and festive deals.

The build up to the new year is a quintessential time for e-retailers to increase revenue and brand awareness, with plenty of holidays providing promotional opportunities for your online store. We’ve compiled a list of the key need-to-know dates for success this season here in our latest Kelkoo blog post.

27th – 29th October – Diwali

Diwali, as one of India’s most significant holidays, is a major shopping season for Indian households as people prepare to splash out on presents, clothes and extravagant lights. According to reports from Criteo, online categories including jewellery, luxury goods and apparel all spike in preparation for Diwali. Why why not launch an online Diwali gift guide to promote through your social channels to bring in some more sales this season?

31st October – Halloween

Recent reports from Mintel suggest that Halloween is overtaking the spend for Valentine’s day, meaning that this holiday is not one to miss out on. Even if your online store doesn’t directly link to the day it’s still worth adding some Halloween-themed promotions to your site. For some extra inspiration, why not think about holiday a pumpkin carving contest across your social media channels to raise brand awareness and audience engagement this Season.

5th November – Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November – It’s that time of year again when Brits everywhere will warm up next to bonfires and gaze up at the fireworks. For e-commerce businesses on the smaller side, bonfire night can be the perfect opportunity to engage with your followers and expand you audience. Let your imagination spark with some festive themed social campaigns to really grab their attention.

29th November – Black Friday

Black Friday is fast becoming the e-commerce event of the year, with sales growing from £810 million in 2014 to £1.49 billion during 2018, according to figures from IMRG. Although a recently new phenomenon, consumers are actively cashing in on the deals and discounts available to them during the last Friday in November – set to fall on 29th November this year. With Black Friday e-commerce sales predicted to increase year-on-year, there’s no better time to start pushing your promotions and offers to attract and retain new and existing e-shoppers for your online store. You can find out how to get your online store ready in our latest blog post.

13th December – Free shipping day

Last minute Christmas shopping has become a big part of the festive tradition. Say goodbye to the days of finishing Christmas shopping before December and prepare for your online customers to still be gift shopping about 10 days before Christmas. Many big names brands such as Amazon are set to participate in Free shipping day on the 13th which is another great way to attract customers during the busy season and still guarantee delivery in time for Christmas Day.

26th December – Boxing Day Sales

Even with the sales appearing to start earlier and earlier each year, Boxing day is always going to be a key winter sale date. Although a lot of shoppers might be tightening their purse strings after an expensive Christmas season, there will always be those who cannot resist the temptations of a Boxing day sale. Make the most of this and consider updating your websites graphics and offer new products, lines and promotions to gain some extra revenue to get ahead of the January slump.

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