How to outrank your competitors this 2019 and beyond

outrank competitors

When it comes to outranking your competitors, website optimisation should play a key ongoing part of your business strategy. If you want your online store to be easily found, then Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), will play a part of your digital upkeep. Just as for brick-and-mortar stores, SEO focuses on keywords, just as location would on the high street, ensuring that your search rankings go up and you continue to attract new customers.

So, if you feel that your business is failing to get the visibility that you deserve, these small changes will help you outrank your competitors this 2019 and beyond.

The power of three

If you are looking to optimise your web presence, then you will need to pay attention to three key factors: content, social media and SEO.

Today’s best SEO practices place focus on connecting brand content with customer journeys. Content is the reason why search engines exist, and engaging and exciting content is more likely to be shared across social channels – driving more traffic to your store and building your online following as a result. Using both search and social media will help drive discovery of your content, influencing transactions and interactions online.

Check your keywords

Choose high quality, relevant keywords to complement the content that you are sharing on your website. Sites with this type of content get ranked higher than sites that don’t. Check the keywords that you use in your blog, posts and web pages to ensure that e-Shoppers will continue to look for your business. Any combination of terms is fine to use, and it is ok to use ‘stop words’ in this instance, words that link keywords to make them coherent.

Optimise your website for mobile

With browser algorithms changing fast, fast loading mobile sites are beginning to rank higher over slower loading competitors. Research shows that 30% of users will click off a page if they have to wait over 6 to 10 seconds for a page to load. Check your website speed, as this could be slowing you down in more ways than one.

If you are looking to outrank your competition this 2019, then search and social networks will act as complementary drivers to your content – helping you to attract more visitors and boost your ecommerce sales.

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