Five minutes with… Jamie Carbis, Sales Manager, UK

In this month’s blog we are taking the time to introduce you to some of our team members from across our Kelkoo Group. As we continue to grow our team, why not check out what amazing opportunities we have available for top talent via our company Linkedin page.

Here’s what Sales Manager, Jamie has to say about his experience so far working from our London Victoria headquarters.

“I joined Kelkoo Group four months ago now in my new position as Sales Manager, UK. This new job also coincided with me making the move from Wales to London so, I was excited to be working in an office environment where I would be meeting new people. I am so lucky to be working with a great team of diverse people who I look forward to seeing every morning. Kelkoo is a very fast paced environment to work in which is great as this pushes me to ensure all of my clients are achieving their business goals and needs through the strong relationship I build with them.

As in any sales role, I dedicate time to exploring new business opportunities and prospecting new clients whose campaigns would greatly benefit from our product range. Each opportunity is different, and always leads to some interesting discussions as to how Kelkoo Group can provide the ideal solution. It’s also crucial that I take the time to check in with my current merchant campaigns, ensuring that they are running successfully and delivering quality traffic.

Here at Kelkoo, the company values encourage collaboration and open conversation, I feel lucky to be supported by a team that has the skills and knowledge to help me deal with more challenging situations or questions. I also manage the office Spotify playlist – which is a lot more stressful than it sounds, trying to keep everyone happy!”

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