Cannes 2019: Top takeaways

Another week of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has come to a close, filled with meetings and networking opportunities with key media players, a plethora of conferences and debates, all accompanied by blue skies and rose. While you might not have had the opportunity to attend this year’s event, worry not. We’ve compiled this year’s top trends and key takeaways here for you in our latest blog post.

Will marketers make a breakaway from Facebook and Google as Ad revenue sources?

The general consensus amongst the Cannes community was that Facebook and Google need to be held to account for their dominance in the Ad space, with responsibility also falling on clients to control their budgets and seek alternative providers to pressure these platforms. As the digital landscape evolves, it will be up to US involvement to jettison EU efforts.

Storytelling is getting a makeover

Cannes is a powerhouse for world-class speakers, creatives, filmmakers, authors and designers all vying to share their insights on how to create work that resonates with consumers all across the world. With the rise of social media, brands need to look to new and immersive options such as Instagram, omnichannel marketing and cultural ties to propel storytelling into the 21st century and beyond.

Its essential to remain relevant in the digital economy

Changes to legislation, larger tech firms dominating the market and failing to evolve your business can see brands get left behind in today’s digital economy. Companies need to hone their communication to ensure that customer journeys are seamless in both on and offline retail environments, while new tools such as chatbots and voice are set to shape the future of how consumers interact and make purchase decisions. Embrace change and remain relevant if you want to continue to attract your existing customer network, and engage with new clients.

Rethinking customer experience

Providing customers with an optimal CX experience is essential to boost engagement with your brand and product range. From rethinking campaign messaging to overhauling digital platforms, translating beautiful ideas into out of this world experiences is key to create a customer experience that is second to none.

Trust and transparency

Maintaining long-lasting and transparent relationships between retailers and their clients remained at the top of this year’s Cannes agenda, driving value exchange and valuable conversations during the entire event. With personalisation in the age of data privacy and the role of influencers remaining controversial topics for the future, companies need to remain ever-more engaged to ensure that they provide a transparent and trustworthy service to prevent rapid client churn.

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