7 Top Campaign Optimisation tips for the Holiday season

Campaign optimisation tips for the holiday season

The holiday season provides peak retail opportunities for brands looking to boost their overall online efforts. Now is the time to optimise your Google Ads campaigns, boosting your overall sales prior to year-end.

So, if your online campaigns are not yet ready for the most important time of the year, then our latest blog post will help you to get ahead. Read on to find out more about our 7 top campaign optimisation tips that are a must- have this holiday season:

Feed optimisation  

Is your feed underperforming? Make sure you add relevant queries such as strong brand names, gender, colour or seasonal queries like Black Friday or Christmas to important attributes like titles and product types. From our experience with many retailers we know that this can boost results considerably. We are very pleased to offer support to our merchants by improving titles and product types and come up with recommendations based on feed quality, search query reports and our internal expertise. We can execute potential testing on your behalf and provide reporting.

Adjust your bids

Make sure that you are visible in the top Google search results. Adjust your bids to reach higher positions. Ads in the top results get more mobile attention from customers on top of it. Keen to find out more? Our in-house PPC team can help.

Start advertising on time

Black Friday is increasingly becoming one of the top annual sales opportunities for brands across Europe and beyond. While the sales don’t stop on Cyber ​​Monday, with e-shoppers making online purchases prior to the festive season. Start optimising your campaigns early so that you don’t miss out on the increased traffic and sales opportunities.

Create a remarketing campaign

Many of shoppers are already looking into Christmas gifts 2 months ahead. Retarget these audiences in December with targeted advertising to combat cart abandonment. Last minute offers and promos at the checkout will help push shoppers down through your sales funnel.

Show discounts and special promotions in Shopping campaigns

Communicate certain discount promotions in your Shopping ads, by placing the normal price and the discount price in your feed. If free shipping is one of your USPs, make sure that you also include this in the feed, keeping you ahead of the competition. Be sure to check the current status of your account and products. If your account has been suspended or top products are not eligible for display, you will miss out on a lot of traffic and conversions. Check your feed for errors to ensure that you continue to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Make sure that you are optimally visible on mobile

It’s no secret that mobile devices are increasingly being used in the search for gifts for the holidays. Fine-tune your mobile bid adjustments and ensure that your brand is always visible on mobile devices. Make sure that your landing page is mobile friendly, or your could risk losing potential buyers.

Increase the click budget

Because the search volume increases considerably around the holidays, it is important that you are visible throughout the day. Increased competition in December will increase the cost per click. Keep an eye on how quickly your budget goes up and increase your daily budget if necessary. Is the campaign limited by the budget? Then determine whether these campaigns are cost-effective and then increase the budget of cost-effective campaigns.

Do you need help with optimising your campaigns to make the most of this holiday season? Get in touch with our dedicated Kelkoo Group PPC team to find out more.