Get qualified leads from our proprietary price comparison sites<br />
and our select Premium partners

Get qualified leads from our proprietary price comparison sites
and our select Premium partners

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Reach customers with our premium network

Our Performance solution uses shopping intent data and cutting-edge technology to deliver you with the best quality leads, enabling e retailers of any size and product offering to drive highly converting traffic back to their site with a CPC model. Offering a diverse set of highly performing shopping inventory sources, we can help you to deliver against your business targets. We rely on a specialised network of 2,500 Premium Publishers partners, our Google Shopping Ads inventory, and our 5 branded European Price Comparison sites to display your products to millions of e-shoppers.

Our acquisition solution drives
quality leads to your online shop

We expose your products to our targeted shopping network

  • display your products on our specialised shopping network

    We display your products on our specialised shopping network

  • Start recieving qualified leads to your online shop

    You receive qualified leads
    to your online shop

  • Convert visitors into buyers

    You convert visitors into
    buyers on your website

Four-step registration process

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    Export your
    product feed

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    Validate the

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    Sign the

How do our e-commerce traffic sources work?

Price Comparison Sites

Our product offering includes a range of branded Comparison Shopping Sites (CSSs) such as Kelkoo,, Ciao, Webmarchand and Choozen.

They provide the ideal environment for you to convert online shoppers at a key point in the purchase funnel. Each time an e-shoppers clicks on your product, in our Price Comparison Sites, they are redirected to your online shop to finalise the sale.

Premium Publisher network

Our extensive Premium Publisher network, including well-known brands Yahoo, Google or Bing, enables you to receive quality leads to your online store as soon as you onboard with us.

We work with exclusive partners, carefully selected for their qualified shopping-oriented audience. Your products are displayed on their website, via native and integrated solutions, optimising the conversion rate for your online store.

Easy to onboard and easy to manage

Easy product feed export

We accept any type of product feed, adapted to the format that suits you best and facilitates your onboarding.

The Product data feed can be a CSV, XML or any kind of structured text file. Kelkoo has partnered with leading Feed Management solutions; Lengow, Shopping Feed, Iziflux, Beezup or Channel Pilot, from which you can easily export your feed. If you have an existing Google Shopping feed, this format can also be easily integrated on our Shopping network.

We work with all major e-commerce CMS

Established modules and close relationships with leading e-commerce CMS.

If you are working with Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, or any other CMS for the creation of your website and your e-commerce lead acquisition campaigns, our active modules available enable you to easily export your feed and onboard with our Performance solution.

Campaign optimisation

Access your Kelkoo Group click and sales data, such as Conversion Rate (CR) and Cost of Sales (COS), in your Kelkoo Group dashboard. We give you the tools to easily improve your campaign performance.

Kelkoo Group Sales Tracking enables you to review your performance. Evaluate your performance data at a category or campaign level and access precious insights. Data will be updated daily, providing almost real-time updates to sharpen your campaign optimisation and continuously improve your KPIs.

Adapted to all budgets

Any type of merchant can benefit from this solution, from established retailers or a new online-shop entering the ecommerce space.

We work with a fixed CPC (Cost Per Click) model, meaning that you are paying only for the consumers we redirect to your online shop. There are no hidden costs (such as onboarding fees, etc.), no minimum billing and no engagement period. We are confident that the quality of the traffic we send you will provide you with the performance you expect and more.

Our Account management and traffic optimisation team

Our dedicated team of account managers are on hand to monitor and optimise your campaigns, providing flexible support to meet with your budget and business needs. Our Traffic managers are a key part of our team, driving qualified leads to products displayed across our global shopping network of Premium Publishers and Price Comparison Sites.

The iconic Kelkoo Group brand

Available in the following countries:

  • India

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • United Arab Emirates

  • Turkey

  • Vietnam

  • Canada

  • South Africa

  • Malaysia

  • Singapore

  • Hong Kong

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia

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