Our Data Science team
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The exceptional talent behind the intelligent tools,
enabling us to continuously deliver quality leads to our merchants

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Get the highest industry standards
with our proprietary tools and unique datasets

  • Objective Insights Across Europe with Kelkoo Group

    Objective insights across all markets

    • Independent player with in-house capabilities
    • Optimisation according to your objectives: revenue, margins, quality
    • Campaign optimisation country by country
  • Optimise your campaigns with Kelkoo Group

    360° campaign optimisation

    • Optimisation for and between all traffic sources
    • Dynamic optimisation as per the time of the day, week or year.
    • Our data and our models are retrained on a daily basis
  • Comprehensive & Granular Data with Kelkoo Group

    Comprehensive & Granular Data

    • Unique datasets with international reach and large inventory
    • We cover a wide range of traffic source, country, merchant and categories
    • Optimise your campaigns, at category level or per device

Gilles Vandelle, Kelkoo Group’s Chief Scientist

“We provide campaign optimisation algorithms for our customers, keeping their goals in mind while providing a 360° view on all traffic sources. Our state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, combined with our unique datasets, enable us to enrich their campaigns and deliver high-quality predictions. Our long term customers make better choices thanks to our solutions.”

Gilles Vandelle, Kelkoo Group's Chief Scientist

Our in-house development lab in Grenoble and Paris

Our sizeable team of seasoned specialists spans across key aspects of software and machine learning development, from frontend developers to statisticians. We have an agile and practical approach to data science compared to our competitors, mixing data science theorists with machine learning engineers to develop, deploy and scale highly distributed production-grade applications. Our skilled tech team is always on the lookout for new talent!

Our iterative development process

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