Our Green Awareness

At Kelkoo Group, we position our environmental consciousness as a key part of our company values. It is important for our employees, and despite our already low environmental impact as a digital company, we want our sensitivity to translate in concrete actions to take our humble part in the green evolution of retail.

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How we aim to encourage a green attitude:

Promote a greener way of Shopping on our Price comparison sites

With millions of shoppers using our price comparison sites, we are aware of the role we can play in encouraging a greener shopping.

We decided to implement visible filters and icons on our sites to help our users identify the green offers provided by our merchants.

Our shoppers will therefore be able to identify :
1. Products manufactured locally with a flag icon
2. Sustainable products, with a green leaf logo
3. A link to all green products, directly from the homepage
4. A green layout for Kelkoo’s green space
5. Filters on the results pages to access only green products with eco-lables

Move away from cars with alternative means to get to work

Kelkoo Group has been participating to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes challenge for the 11th year in 2021! It awards the companies whose employees used the most alternatives to individual cars to reach the office on day of the challenge.

Our best performance was when we reached the podium in 2018, with 3rd place and 95% of participation from our Grenoble office employees. In 2021, we are not only proud to have ended 4th on 124 participants, our 2nd best performance in 11 years, but we’ve also reached a 99% participation rate, showing how much our employees are engaged in promoting greener transportation options.

Congratulation to our Grenoble office who are the ones driving the sport spirit which has always been in Kelkoo Group !

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