Wedding season

Posted on May 3, 2023

Marriage material: what do you need to know ahead of wedding season 2023?

Pandemic restrictions have forced huge numbers of couples to postpone their weddings. However, for those who were waiting for the opportunity to have a restriction free celebration, the time has come. Weddings grew by 6% in 2022†, with more expected this year. With so many weddings in the ‘post pandemic pipeline’, what do you need to know about 2023 trends to tie the knot on your campaigns this season?

Wedding trends

Wedding related searches tend to peak in May, meaning this month is the perfect time to start your seasonal strategy.

Searches for formal wear grew by over 11% in 2022, compared to 2021†. The category ‘apparel’ makes up the largest proportion wedding related searches – 25.7% to be exact†. Find out how we help clothing sites to reach their performances in our recent case study with Roman Originals.

‘Beauty and personal care’ is the second most searched category, making up 17.1% of searches across wedding categories†. Help your products stand out in trending categories by perfecting your titles. Find out more about Google Shopping Ad short titles, and how they can improve your campaigns, here.

Despite lots of money being spent in the traditional wedding categories, other verticals can benefit from the tradition of gift giving. Naturally, wedding cards and gifts will trend each year, with searches for wedding gifts are up 27.15%†. Personalised gifts are even more popular – searches are up by 31.18%†. Homewear and kitchen accessories are also popular gifts for newly weds, however many will still opt for something more individual to the couple tying the knot. A dedicated ‘wedding gift’ page on your site will grab the attention of wedding guests and can direct them to a wide variety of potential gifts, ideal for almost any bride or groom. The average spend for wedding gifts is between £30-110, meaning lots disposable income is being spent in the wedding sector even by those not getting married, and that there are sales up for grabs for everyone.

The season to splurge

Despite the rising cost of living, wedding spending in 2022 increased £1,100 on 2021 figures, bringing the average cost of a wedding in 2022 to £18,400. The most expensive place to get married in the world is France, with the average cost at £26,059. Mauritius is the cheapest globally, averaging £12,492, and Portugal is the cheapest in Europe, averaging £19,381.

Destination weddings seem to be rising in popularity. Specifically, ‘all-inclusive wedding packages abroad prices’, are up by 215%†. Destination weddings have the potential to cost a lot more than local nuptials, especially if couples are hosting extra meals and events, such as a welcome dinner and drinks. This suggests that despite rising economic pressures, people are still willing to invest large sums of money in making their big day one to remember.

‘I do’ it online

Couples are now doing 88% of their wedding shopping online. Global lockdowns boosted the ecommerce sector as brick and mortar stores were forced to close their doors. Online sales grew by 46% in 2020 alone. Consumers have become more accustomed to making purchases online, or browsing websites before heading into stores. The same can be said for engaged couples, who are now opting for a more convenient way to plan and shop for their wedding.

Wondering how to take make the most of 2023 weddings? Kelkoo Group has in house experts who can support your campaign strategy and help you reach your performance goals. Find out more about our solutions here.

† Google data

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