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Richard Stables


Michael Trommsdorff, CTO
Michael Trommsdorff


Steve Thomas


Paul Lyonette

Kaufmännischer Direktor, GB, Irland und Mitteleuropa

Serena Aimoni

Kaufmännischer Direktor, Südeuropa und Nordische Länder

Cyril Bouskila

Kaufmännischer Direktor, Frankreich & Belgien

Nicolas Leroy


Nicolas Jornet

Kaufmännischer Direktor, Publisher

Angela Gandy


Bettina Muli, Sales Manager, Germany

“Every day I am able to grow and learn from the challenges that come up, from dealing with merchant requests to managing new projects. I work very closely with my colleagues, constantly ask questions, and I always feel that I have the support to express my own opinions, while listening to those of my colleagues. Kelkoo to me, is ‘resilient’. It’s rewarding to see my own work evolve and that of my team. It’s an exciting time to be part of Kelkoo.”

Bettina Muli, Sales Manager, Germany

Maria Daradoumi, Sales Director, Greece

“My role as a Country Manager, Greece, is to oversee logistics, develop new business and ensure profitability. I am responsible for managing overall operations and creating budgets. Every day I am dealing with new tasks, systems and business models. This helps me to improve myself and to expand my knowledge. Although I have been working with many different departments from many different countries from day one, I feel I belong to the same team as a whole.  I strongly believe that if the work environment is enriching, engaging and rewarding, such as here at Kelkoo, that this gives me the motivation to start each day with a ‘spark’.” 


Maria Daradoumi, Sales Director, Greece

Sebastian Panait, Sales Manager, Romania

“I am the Sales Manager for the Romanian market, in charge of onboarding new merchants and developing long-lasting collaborations in this new market. As we are a new brand in Romania, I am currently in the phase of working on brand awareness and educating merchants and agencies on the super opportunities Kelkoo has to offer. Constant communication, training sessions and the wonderful support received from my colleagues and my line managers make distances disappear; all the great ideas, advice and inter-departmental interaction make me feel as I am truly part of the Kelkoo family, working together as one to reach new frontiers. Kelkoo for me is performance. Over the years’ we have proved that we can deliver the best results for merchants worldwide.”

Sebastian Panait, Sales Manager, Romania

Sonia Gonzalez, Sales Manager, Spain

“I’ve been at Kelkoo since September last year. My day usually consists of calls, meetings and prospecting new clients for the company. I also take care of my merchants, making sure they are happy with our services. I feel that every opinion is listened to here at Kelkoo and we are fully supported in this office.  Here in Spain we are a close team, and our working environment is very easy-going. It’s nice because we work and have fun at the same time – we are kind of a little family here.”

Sonia Gonzalez, Sales Manager, Spain

Leandro Oliveira – Head of Sales, Brazil and US

My day to day is incredibly dynamic, from prospection and account management to overseeing the Brazil and US operations, supporting and motivating my team and making sure we deliver the outstanding service and results expected from our clients and directors. I love the challenge of my job and how I am encouraged to apply new ideas, try new things and to constantly reinvent myself. I love the opportunities that Kelkoo provides for those who believe and are keen to give their best.”

Leandro Oliveira – Head of Sales, Brazil and US

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