Father’s Day 2023

Posted on June 12, 2023

Avoid the Father’s Day fiasco – get your sales strategy in order

The day of the Dad is almost upon us, where millions celebrate their father or equivalent figure each year. Marking the occasion with gifts, quality time and good food, how can your business connect people with the perfect products to make Father’s Day 2023 one to remember?

Trendy Dad

Father’s Day searches are climbing year on year. 2022 represented the highest ever volume of Father’s Day searches† – go Dads! Although Father’s Day spending (like Mother’s Day spending) is still down since the pandemic begun, similar search volumes to last year are expected, and 24% still plan to spend more in 2023 than 2022 †.

With economic crisis continuing to loom, consumer confidence remails low and small ticket purchases, such as alcohol, are driving father’s day sales. The 150% increase in searches for ‘offers’† suggests that people are looking for more affordable ways to honour father figures in 2023.

Categories to cater to

Which categories are seeing the most relevance during the Father’s Day period? Clothing is the most popular category when it comes to shopping for Father’s Day, so it makes sense that footwear made up the largest proportion of searches last year†. Searches for men’s suits are up over 120%†, with shirts and loafers closely following. Dad’s still love to accessories, watches are seeing a 20% year on year growth†. M miscellaneous items such as calendars and fishing are also significant categories for this shopping holiday.  

Male self-care is rising in popularity. Men alone are boosting skin care sales by 16.6% year on year. More brands are catering for men, bringing out ranges of skin, hair and beard care items.

Food is not one to forget this year – no one likes a hangry Dad! Recipe searches are up (10.8% of searches†), indicating that many may be opting to stay in for food, rather than the more expensive option of dining out. It may be indicative that acts of service are starting to take over as a gift option.

Market your socks off

Shopping ads are an effective way to engage customers visually, and engaged they are! Since 2019, Father’s Day Shopping Ads have increased by 184%†. By making the purchasing process seamless, consumers are more likely to become customers.

Stay consistent with your marketing plan to stay at the forefront of your consumer base’s minds. Communicate any father’s day sales across all platforms, taking advantage of omni-channel marketing. Show consumers you care about connecting them with the perfect gift by creating a Father’s Day category on your site. Need help with your sale strategy? Our new dynamic pricing solution, Performance Flex can help you meet your conversion targets while maximising your revenue potential. With access to specialists who provide specialised and flexible support, it’s a no-brainer.  

† Google Data

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