Your top 4 common Shopping Ads questions… easy solutions with Kelkoo Group

Posted on October 1, 2019

For retailers looking to remain ahead in the online shopping landscape, during Q4 and beyond, one of the key services that provide increased traffic and brand benefits are Shopping Ads, only accessible via a CSS partner. Here at Kelkoo Group, our Google Shopping Ads by Kelkoo provides merchants with the opportunity to have their products featured across Google Search and Shopping results via Kelkoo Group after taking part in the online bidding process.

In our latest ‘How to’ post, Luke Williams, Sales Manager for the UK, addresses four common questions that we receive from retailers on a daily basis – and provides our solutions.

Q. What happens with the traffic I have been receiving from Google Shopping when I switch to Kelkoo Group CSS?

A. As soon as you switch your Merchant Centre to Kelkoo Group, all your campaigns will be identified as ‘by Kelkoo’. These ‘by Kelkoo’ campaigns will be exposed to the exact same total users as defined under your previous ‘by Google’ campaign set up i.e. you have access to the exact same people who are using Google Search to find products they are after. The user experience is also completely unaffected, meaning any e-shopper will be directed to the retailer’s page when they click on the ad.

Q. What will happen to my Google Eco-System?

A. The switch is done at Google’s level in a completely transparent way as Google need to indicate in their system that your account is now attached to Kelkoo Group and is no longer attached to Google Shopping. This of course means that all Google tools and features such as feed enhancement, reporting and data aggregation offers will remain the same and it will not make any changes to your Google eco-system.

In short, the switch is completed very quickly and is the easiest way to benefit from the advantages that CSSs can bring in the auction.

Q.We mentioned advantages, so what’s the exact rebate Google currently offers for making the switch?

A. You will NOT get a rebate when switching to Kelkoo Group.

The 20% everybody is talking about, is actually the margin that Google Shopping takes on every bid – as explained on their own support site. If you switch to a CSS such as Kelkoo Group, they cannot take this margin anymore, hence the actual 20% advantage in the auction.

This margin mechanism was introduced in September 2017 by Google as a way to re-establish competition on the market.

The advantage provides different scenarios for retailers, and will help generate better KPIs. Partner with Kelkoo Group and we can help you to find out the best way to increase your KPIs.

Q. So what can I expect from Kelkoo Group? 

A. Based on your strategy, category and your business goals, you can choose different strategies through making the switch to a CSS: lower your CPC and keep the same level of traffic, or keep the same level of CPC, become stronger in the auction and generate more impressions with a higher CTR.

Our in-house team will work with to ensure that you make the most of this advantage in the auction and in every case, increase your KPIs.

Why not get in touch with us today and speak to one of our local PPC teams, who are on hand to answer any questions that you may have.

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