PPC vs COVID-19: Responding to customers’ new expectations of brands

Posted on June 29, 2020
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As time goes on, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the e-commerce landscape and the way businesses operate across the globe. The unprecedented global upheaval caused by COVID-19 has had numerous knock-on effects; with many retailers reducing ad spend and re-strategising campaigns, it can be hard to know where you should be putting your focus.

So, here are some of our top recommendations for utilising your PPC campaigns in the current global climate.

Reduce your reaction time

With an air of uncertainty still looming, this is uncharted territory for e-stores all around the world. In normal circumstances, the best practices of PPC encourage you to analyse as much data as you can to inform your strategy. However, this is a completely new landscape to work with and no one knows with certainty what will and won’t work in regard to PPC campaigns.

It’s key to take proactive and reactive actions. Study any data you have and be granular with your approach, whether that’s by analysing each day or even by hour; e-commerce trends and consumer behaviour are rapidly changing so make the most of the relevant data you have. The smallest of data can still open the window into what your consumers are searching for and how their needs are evolving. Test out new strategies and put your campaigns into action – if you don’t try, you’ll never figure out which direction is best to guide your business through this time. It’s time to be brave.

For deeper insight, Google has developed a specific section in Trends dedicated to Coronavirus-related searches. Use this to capitalise on major opportunities, especially as we start returning to normality so you’re on top of your game.

Be smart with your spend

Times are tough and we are seeing many retailers reduce their ad spend for financial aid during this crisis. Although cutting the campaigns that are no longer bringing in value is a wise decision, this leaves some major gaps in the market and within the bidding environment. It is crucial throughout this time to be aware of what your direct competitors are doing with their campaigns and where possible, it could be a smart move to increase ad spend where your competition is now absent.

Keep a close eye on the campaigns that are bringing value to your business; adjust your bids based on the time of day your audience is most active and add any Coronavirus search terms to your negative keywords list to ensure your ads stay relevant and targeted.

Spark emotion through messaging

Recent studies from Microsoft state that 65% of consumers are making buying decisions based on a brand’s response to COVID-19; with emotional decision making on the rise, shoppers are scrutinising the language and imagery used in ads like never before. Your messaging must be sensitive to your target audience and the world as a whole.

Like many other businesses right now, see where your brand fits into your audience’s temporary way of life. Consider what people need when working from home, starting any new hobbies or reinventing themselves in lockdown. Get to the heart of what your customers need right now, build a relationship with them and you’ll stand a much better chance of thriving throughout the crisis.

How can we help?

The world of online shopping has changed dramatically over the last few months, but if you continue to adapt in these uncertain times you can continue to grow. Here at Kelkoo Group we have over 20 years of experience in e-commerce and an in-house team of PPC experts to optimise your campaigns from start to finish, providing support wherever needed. If you’re looking to benefit from localised market support from our tech experts in 26 countries, visit our website to find out more about a partnership with Kelkoo Group.

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