New year, New Strategy: How to keep sales high after the Holiday peak

Posted on January 13, 2020
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After the holiday spike, online businesses are seat risk of their sales figures come dipping negatively, and as the festive spark fades it’s time to prepare yourself for the reality that is the return of unwanted Christmas gifts and slightly lacklustre conversion rates. 

The highs of the holiday season are seeming like a distant memory, what can you do to drive sales this January?

Clear out your inventory

As we welcome 2020 and put the holidays behind us, there is no better time to reassess your inventory. We all know that no matter how much you plan for the holidays, there will always be products that don’t sell, and January is the perfect time to reduce the prices and shift those extra units.

You personally may be tired of all the sales but that doesn’t mean your customers are, who can’t be tempted by a good promo code? Enticing customers in with discounts and limited time offers is a great way to create a sense of urgency and bring your customers back for round two of sale shopping.

New Year, New You

It’s a new year and for many of your customers this signifies a new start; healthier choices, improved organisation, increased productivity, the list goes on. When planning your campaigns, cater to your customers better instincts. As soon as we hit January 1st people aren’t thinking about indulging in expensive clothes or pricey video games, but they will be shopping for items to enhance their new year goals; from iPads to exercise equipment, anything that can be tied into a resolution is fair game for your marketing strategies. Show them how your product can help them and why they need it.

Don’t let your customers forget about you

With the holiday season being the most active shopping period in the world of e-commerce, it’s likely you would have seen an increased number of shoppers browsing your website. Now is the time to start rekindling their interest and reminding them of the products they previously viewed. Running highly relevant retargeting campaigns this season will give you a higher chance of converting ad views into conversions and help you to get over the January blues.

Get more bang for your buck

January isn’t all doom and gloom in the world of e-commerce, the good news is that the average CPC across PPC networks tend to reduce in Q1 so now is the time to be testing and refining your shopping campaigns. Kelkoo Group has 20 years’ experience in ecommerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics. We can support your entire campaign, from set up through to tracking sales and conversion data to help you get the results your online store needs to succeed. Feel free to get in touch to find out more about how our product portfolio can drive quality traffic to your online store and improve your online presence.

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