Everything you need to know about launching your shopping campaigns with Kelkoo Group

Posted on September 21, 2020
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With the world of retail recently turned upside down, we have been receiving a lot of questions from merchants keen to optimise their shopping campaigns but not sure how.

Our very own Megan Blair, Business Development Manager for US & LATAM, has everything you need to know about a campaign integration with Kelkoo Group to help you through these uncertain times.

How will my business benefit from a partnership with Kelkoo Group?

Our aim is to grow your online presence by sending qualified traffic to your site, helping convert shoppers into buyers. We can work as an additional resource alongside any other campaigns you have running, optimising your maximum reach. At Kelkoo Group, we put the success of our merchants first and that’s why we work on a rolling one month contract with no set up or cancellation fees. It’s low risk and high return to test your campaigns with us.

Where will my products appear and what will the ads look like?

Your ads will appear in a variety of different places depending on the publisher mix selected for your campaign. You may see your ads in a relevant article on a content site, on the top of a Bing search page or as a banner on a website. We match the products in your feed to user search queries for optimum relevance and conversion.

Can you tell me about the publishers in your network, can I be selective with my traffic mix?

You will be given the option to select which traffic mix best suits you. We have various publisher networks including search-based (Bing), content networks (Time Out) and deal sites (Palmodeal). We are constantly expanding our network and platform by frequently adding new publishers.

I want the switch to Kelkoo Group to be easy and stress free, can you explain the onboarding process?

When you are ready to partner with us, it’s easy to get started. We will create your online account and integrate your product feed into our catalogue, usually completed within a 24 hour period. Our publisher team will then confirm your selection and open the traffic. It usually takes about three days to finalise the process and get started.

I’ve just launched my shopping campaign with Kelkoo Group, when should I expect to start generating results?

Patience is key in this process but you should see results within the first few days of setting up your campaign. We like to give each campaign at least one month to pick up within our network before we see consistent turnover.

How will Kelkoo Group optimise my available budget to ensure the highest quality of traffic and ROI?

We monitor your traffic daily, making any adjustments needed to ensure your campaign runs balanced and on budget. We work in favour of your brand, altering your traffic mix based on each channel’s performance. Our promise is to never send poor traffic purely to spend your budget.

Will the budget of my campaign determine its duration?

Not necessarily, we always try and suggest a realistic budget for a one month campaign that fits your brand. Our account managers are experts at maintaining a balanced spend to suit your goals. You can check clicks, spend, sales and conversions throughout your campaign with the option to pause or boost your campaign whenever you like.

I look after many different brands, can I onboard them all to succeed with Kelkoo Group?

Yes, no problem! We can set up any account with multiple linked brands or keep them separate, whichever you prefer. You can track all your performance results through our online platform.

Still wanting more? Why not get in touch with your local team today who are on hand and ready to talk you through any questions you have.

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