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Kelkoo acquires LeGuide group

Posted on October 14, 2016


The combined assets of Kelkoo and LeGuide group, comprising of LeGuide, Ciao, and Dooyoo, will create a unique base of over 31,000 merchants, and a network of 2,700 publishers, providing 40 million shoppers with 220 million offers in 20 countries worldwide.

London, 13th October 2016 – Kelkoo, the ecommerce advertising and price comparison platform, announced the acquisition of LeGuide group, the price comparison market leader in France. This newly formed group of two historical players radically shifts the sector lines, having a major impact on the industry as Kelkoo becomes the European leader in shopping comparison, securing a unique international position.

Thanks to this acquisition Kelkoo Group now operates the world’s largest catalogue, with 220 million offers from a unique retailer base of 31,000 merchants, thus becoming the only shopping comparison and ecommerce advertising platform to be present in 20 countries worldwide, with plans to expand further into the US and Mexico later this year.

“We are thrilled about the opportunities and potential that this acquisition offers Kelkoo, LeGuide, and our customers for the future” says Richard Stables, Kelkoo Group CEO. “The complementary assets of Kelkoo and LeGuide, both pioneers in this industry, triggered this acquisition and gives us a unique position on the market. We do not only expand our collective geographic footprint, but also combine the expertise of eminently talented and experienced teams.”

Both companies have almost 20 years of experience in ecommerce, digital advertising, publishers, and consumer analytics, and have lately been extensively investing in R&D, especially in big data and machine learning, as a commitment to driving exceptional revenue growth for merchants and publishers. This acquisition will enable Kelkoo Group to benefit from economies of scale, allowing a higher return on investments for retailers and better monetization solutions for publishers on all platforms, especially mobile devices which now represent 30% of traffic for both groups.

With strong sources of qualified traffic, having generated 8 million post-click sales for merchants in 2015, and with a base of 40 million cross-device shoppers worldwide, the new Kelkoo Group asserts its ambition to be the international market leader, and a key influential player in the broader ecommerce and digital advertising industry.

About Kelkoo Group

Kelkoo was founded in 2000 following the merge of Zoomit, Dondecomprar and Shopgenie, and was sold by Yahoo to Jamplant, a British private equity, in 2008. Kelkoo offers a complete and integrated service for online shopping, helping users to search, find and buy products in a safe environment and ultimately to increase revenues for both merchants and publishers. Today, Kelkoo, with the acquisition of LeGuide Group, that includes LeGuide, Ciao and Dooyoo, represents the European leader in ecommerce advertising and shopping comparison and it’s the ideal partner for players operating in the online shopping industry, with thanks to new and sophisticated retargeting and prospecting technologies that leverage on a powerful algorithm to manage consumer shopping intent data. The Kelkoo Group, operating now in 20 countries (Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK), can count on 220 million offers from more than 31,000 merchants and 2,700 direct publishers.

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