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Digital Angels’ MedicoShop see a 450% increase in ROI with Kelkoo Group’s Performance Ads solution

Posted on September 20, 2020
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Who are they?

Launching in 2017, MedicoShop has fast become the go-to e-commerce supplier for medical products in the Italian market. Offering a range of around 2000 healthcare items including clothing, home supports and electromedical supplies. Collaborating with our close partners Digital Angels for years, they work together to plan digital campaigns with a focus on e-commerce.

What were their campaign objectives?

The main objective of their online campaigns was to increase online sales and ensure MedicoShop is the reference point of purchase for medical products in Italy. Enter Kelkoo Group, Digital Angels identified us as the right partner to quickly grow investments and maintain a positive ROI and they weren’t wrong.

What they achieved with Kelkoo Group

Thanks to the partnership with Kelkoo Group, Digital Angels has planned granular campaigns with optimised feeds and set up a correct tracking and attribution system, measuring the real impact of Kelkoo Group’s traffic on sales.

With our help the objectives set for the MedicoShop campaigns have been achieved brilliantly. Comparing the same period of the year, January-April 2019 and January-April 2020, the ROI has increased by 30% and continues to grow considerably, up to a + 450% in the months of June-July 2020.

Federica Tosetto, Account Manager of Digital Angels

“We are extremely satisfied with the results achieved, which have seen performance constantly growing in the various years of collaboration with the brand. Through our advertising activities we have managed to achieve a double objective, which sees the growth of the brand and its brand in the foreground. Given the particularly exceptional period we are going through, to put as much evidence as possible, products such as those treated that today are of an absolute necessity “

– Giuseppe Abbasciano, Vincal

“We have found in Digital Angels a reliable partner; thanks to their know-how we have become through our e-commerce one of the reference retailers for medical and health support products. The campaigns on Kelkoo have helped to grow further MedicoShop allowing us to increase online sales “

Why choose Kelkoo Group?

Kelkoo Group has a long and consolidated experience in the price comparison and e-Commerce space: “the campaigns on Kelkoo Group create greater spaces of visibility and therefore more conversion opportunities. In fact, it is a particularly strategic and transversal channel for all those industries which, despite being very different from each other, are strongly oriented towards performance.”

Looking to improve your campaign performance?

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