The 3 Ps – your building blocks for a profitable Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Posted on October 14, 2020
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Black Friday PPC Strategy

The last quarter of the year is traditionally the busiest and most profitable time for ecommerce, and with online shopping soaring in 2020, you can expect even more traffic this winter.

But this year’s Black Friday will be like no other; Last year we saw a 17% growth in traffic and expect this year to exceed expectations yet again. And as we welcome Q4 into our ecommerce calendars it’s time to learn the lessons from how we dealt with the impact of Covid-19 on sales earlier in the year.

To help you build a great campaign, we’ve put together our top tips to ensure a safe, successful and socially distanced Q4 for you and your online store.


Many retailers weren’t prepared to handle the increase in traffic and sales when lockdown happened in Spring. Preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is a must to thrive in today’s new retail climate – and speed is key.

Ensure your shopping and checkout pages are fully optimised for mobile devices and running at full speed; Black Friday shoppers are temperamental and slow page speeds could lead to cart abandonment or worse, shopping with a competitor. So, what’s the quickest way to reduce your site’s load time in a busy period? Enabling compression or using an external compression tool is the easiest way to ensure your site is running smoothly. For those operating in CSS and HTML formats, this tool eliminates white space and repeated code throughout the site’s body – the smaller the files, the faster the load time.


Timing is everything when it comes to rolling out a successful email marketing campaign in time for Black Friday. A catchy subject line that is relevant highlighting your sales and promotions will ensure that your email doesn’t get lost in the crowd; scheduling your emails to cater for different time zones and peaks will ensure optimisation of your click through rates even further.

With Covid-19 pushing consumers to switch their shopping online, your digital advertising campaigns are now more important than ever. Planning and scheduling a savvy social Black Friday campaign for your digital channels will enable you to keep excitement high in time for 27 November. Treat your social followers as you would your physical customers and remember to respond to any comments or queries as quickly as possible.

Our top performing Black Friday categories for 2019 were Fashion, Electronics and Games so ensure you are optimising your PPC and social campaigns to align with these trends.


As we look ahead to Black Friday, there are many moving parts and external events that could impact year on year growth. But one thing’s for certain—this Black Friday won’t be played out in brick-and-mortar stores, it’ll predominantly be online. Be ready for all possibilities that come your way.

So, the three Ps – preparation, promotion and possibility – are your building blocks to successful marketing campaigns this winter.

Want to find out more about getting your campaigns online and up and running in time for one of the busiest sales periods of the year? Get in touch to find out how Kelkoo Group can help your business this Black Friday and beyond.

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