Taking Action Against Fraud: Safeguarding Quality and Integrity

Posted on November 21, 2023

Protecting Your Investment: Kelkoo Group’s Anti-Fraud Initiatives

In today’s digital landscape, the battle against invalid traffic and fraud is an ongoing challenge that impacts everyone, from advertisers to publishers. At Kelkoo Group, we’re deeply committed to maintaining the integrity of our ecosystem and ensuring that our partners can trust the quality of their interactions with us.

Understanding the Problem

Invalid traffic, commonly referred to as ad fraud, has plagued the digital advertising industry for years. It’s a well-known fact that where there’s profit to be made, fraudsters aren’t far behind. This challenge is one that our entire industry grapples with, and it’s an issue we take seriously.

The Consequences of Fraud

Fraud in digital advertising takes many forms, including traffic from non-compliant sources, a lack of transparency, and abnormal click behavior that leads to conversions. Advertisers often bear the brunt of this fraudulent activity by investing their budgets in irrelevant traffic, while reputable publishers lose out as these budgets are diverted away from them.

The Culprit: Bots

A significant portion of ad fraud is driven by bots. These automated tools are used by fraudsters to generate artificial clicks, which do not result from genuine human interaction. As a result, advertisers end up paying for fake traffic, squandering their budgets without any potential for actual customer engagement.

Detecting and combating bots is a formidable challenge. Advertisers purchase traffic from various publishers, creating a complex web of sources. Fraudulent bots often blend in, making it difficult to identify them in the crowd.

Addressing the Issue

It’s important to note that most publishers share our commitment to ethical, revenue-focused relationships with advertisers. However, like in any industry, there are exceptions. Some publishers fail to rigorously vet their traffic sources, leading to issues that ripple through the entire ecosystem.

Our Actions Against Invalid Traffic

At Kelkoo Group, we understand the importance of preserving the trust our partners have in us. In 2020, we intensified our efforts to combat invalid traffic. Here are the key measures we’ve put in place:

1. Revised Terms and Conditions: We’ve enhanced our Terms and Conditions, and any publisher found violating them is promptly added to our block list.

2.Advanced Screening with Datadome: We work closely with Datadome to implement real-time detection and blocking of click-level threats. This enables us to offer customizable filter options, detect VPNs, proxies, bots, click spikes, low conversion rates, double IPs, and known fraudsters.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our efforts go beyond industry standards, positioning us as industry leaders in the fight against ad fraud. The expertise we’ve gained over the years, combined with our strategic partnerships, ensures that our technology remains future-proof.

We recognize the importance of a united front in addressing fraud. Block lists, like the one we’ve adopted, should be an industry standard. By standing together, competitors and industry players can collectively eliminate fraudulent publishers and create a safer space for affiliate marketing.

In the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape, our commitment to transparency, quality, and integrity remains unwavering. At Kelkoo Group, we’re determined to provide our partners with a secure and trustworthy environment in which to thrive.

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