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Woodbrass ups their impression results by 45% after feed testing with Kelkoo Group

Posted on May 7, 2020

Woodbrass is a French musical instrument sales company with over 20 years in market. Occupying the top slot in musical instrument and equipment sales across France, the company also has six stores located in Paris. Woodbrass have been working with Kelkoo group CSS for one year, closely supported by our in-house team to grow their online presence and revenue.

Improving Woodbrass’ presence during Christmas and Sales period

What did we do?

After supporting Woodbrass to help them enrich their feed and emphasizing the importance of having a detailed and complete feed, we put several feed rules in place to help the company to better optimise their titles.

Test Results

The test contributed toward a +45% impression increase in related queries compared week on week with a -4% average CPC.

“Kelkoo supported us in building an efficient feed for the client (Woodbrass) and managed to successfully optimise their titles. We are looking forward to extending the test to all Woodbrass offers.”

Yoann GAUTRAY, Senior SEA/SMO Consultant at Effilab agency


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