Q2 strategy

Posted on April 14, 2023

Spring sales – renovate your strategy for Q2

The second quarter of 2023 is upon us. With Easter now in the rear view window, what do you need to know to get you through to summer with success? Read on for spring insights…

Spring staycation

62% of Britons have decided against travel during April and May, with 55% of those staying put citing the cost of living crisis as affecting their travel plans †. Many now find themselves with less disposable income since rising inflation began causing major spikes in bills and everyday prices. The cost of holidays has boomed too, meaning the typical holiday-maker is either postponing travel to later in the year, or avoiding it entirely.

New and improved…

Home renovation is on the rise. Home & Garden has become one of the top spending categories † and interest is now above pre-pandemic levels, suggesting people have become more focused on improving their home environment since not being able to travel as much.      

BBQs and grills, kitchen and dining room furniture, and power drills have started flying off the shelves†. Paired with an increase in ‘how to’ searches †, it’s apparent DIY is in this spring. Consider placing a home renovation category on your site, complete with everything needed for a makeover. Put relevant items in once place and creates a seamless journey for all recently converted DIYers.

Staying in is the new going out

Alongside cutting back on jet setting, the cost of living rise has affected how people are choosing to socialise, with many now opting to entertain at home. The price of restaurants has risen by 12.1%, making an evening in the go-to way to catch up with family and friends. 49% of people bought new furniture for their living room in 2022, compared to only 21% buying furniture for the home office †. Searches for high end sofas and home sound systems have seen rises of over 100% † suggesting that despite having to tighten belts, a comfortable home environment remains a priority in 2023. Considering the love being poured into social spaces, it’s clear staying in is the new going out.

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† Google data

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