Missing out on new customer traffic? Try Google Shopping Ads

Posted on December 17, 2019

If you are looking to up your brand’s visibility and send new customers to your website, then Google Showcase Ads could provide you with the solution you are after.

According to Google, around 80% of Showcase Ads traffic to a merchant’s website is from new visitors. If you are looking to obtain new prospects, then Showcase Ads are the solution for you. In addition, Showcase Ads provide your online shop with improved visibility against your competition.

In our latest blog post we take a look at Google Showcase Ads, explore how they work and help you to decide if they provide an optimal solution for your digital campaigns.

How do Showcase Ads work?

The goal of Showcase ads is to attract a potential shopper at the start of the sales funnel and encourage them to take the journey within your brand or shop down the funnel to convert into a sale.

Showcase Ads show a selection of products from your shop that are related to the search query. This enables you to promote a selection of your products in addition to the shop and brand within the same ad.

What the format looks like:

  1. Showcase Ad on Google search engine
  2. Shopper clicks on the ad to view brand/shop lifestyle image, description and  link to the respective landing page amongst other information.
  3. Shopper scrolls down to see a selection with title, price and product reviews.
  4. From there the customer can click through to the respective landing page from the product or product selection.

Are Showcase Ads right for your campaigns?

  • If you are a merchant selling Apparel and Accessories, Luggage, Home and Garden Beauty or Electronics, then Showcase Ads are for you. Merchants within these categories have had success to date with Showcase Ads, however other retailers can also profit from this ad format.
  • Showcase Ads focus on an early sales influence, new customers, high visibility and a competitive presence.
  • Showcase Ads require flexibility with your ROAS goals as they fetch shoppers at the start of the sales funnel.
  • Engagement is an important metric, therefore retailers relying on last click attribution might not find the ad format to be the right fit for their objectives.
  • Granularity on landing pages for the Showcase Ads is crucial to make the ads a success.
  • Showcase Ads are currently only on mobile; but Google has also started testing them on Desktop – expect this format to grow in 2020.

Why partner with Kelkoo Group?

Kelkoo Group can help assess your Shopping goals and provide recommendations as to whether Showcase Ads fit with your objectives. Kelkoo Group can then create Showcase Ads following a best practise structure to fit with your business needs, as well as providing ongoing support with optimisation and reports.

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