How the service works

Kelkoo is a platform that allows Internet users to compare thousands of product and service offers from hundreds of its e-merchant partners in the blink of an eye. If you then want to buy the good or service you have selected, you will have to go to the website of the merchant of your choice.

1. Ranking criteria and definitions

By default, offers are presented in order of relevance.

This default order of presentation of the given offers may depend on several factors depending on the type of search you perform.

In addition to the price paid by merchants for referencing, the following criteria are taken into account in the relevance ranking

  • popularity: taken into account by an algorithm of the number of visits by Kelkoo site users to the merchant site
  • search criteria: taken into account according to your query and the filters selected
  • and for certain product categories, such as airline tickets, the speed of the response time of the merchants: taking into account the average time taken to display the offer or the response time of the merchant site’s server

You can also decide that the offers will be presented in ascending or descending order of price

2. Monetary and/or contractual links between Kelkoo and the listed merchants

Whether you carry out a search by category or by the search box (keyword), the offers are those of sites that have a contractual link with Kelkoo, which does not necessarily imply that Kelkoo has a direct contractual link with the third party offering the product for sale.

On the other hand, Kelkoo has no monetary link with the merchants listed.

3. Kelkoo’s remuneration and impact on referencing

Kelkoo is an online referencing service that enables the comparison of offers from  merchants on the Internet who have paid for their referencing on Kelkoo or who benefit from a free discovery referencing offer.

Remuneration is partly taken into account in determining the order of search results, in combination with other criteria (see point 1).

4. Price components and possible additional costs

The prices displayed are inclusive of all costs.

Depending on the category, “Kelkoo shopping” or “Kelkoo voyage”, the prices are displayed as follows:

  • For “Kelkoo shopping”: we display the price with the cheapest delivery method;
  • For “Kelkoo voyage”: we display the minimum price, including, where applicable, all administration, reservation, cancellation or intermediation fees. However, the price may be increased depending on the additional services selected by the user on the merchant site.

5. Commercial guarantees

Due to the nature of Kelkoo’s listing activity, the guarantees displayed by Kelkoo are those of the merchant. Kelkoo does not therefore offer any additional guarantee regarding the final product.

Cancellation options and payment terms may vary according to the merchant’s policy and are specified on the corresponding merchant sites.

6. Completeness of Kelkoo search results and number of offers referenced

The results provided to you are not exhaustive of all the offers available on the Internet and come from data collected by Kelkoo from the sites that are referenced.

The number of products and services is displayed on the results page once the user has launched the search.

7. Method and frequency of updating Kelkoo search results

For the “Kelkoo shopping” category, the information relating to the products listed is generally updated daily and for certain merchants, several times a day.

These updates are made on the basis of information provided by the merchant. The last update date is indicated on each offer.

For other categories (e.g. flights and hotels), we ask merchants to provide real-time pricing and availability.

Due to the nature of Kelkoo’s listing activity, in the event of a difference between the information displayed on Kelkoo’s website and that displayed on the merchant’s website, the latter will prevail.

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