Webinar with Google – How to drive more sales on Google’s Shopping Ads with a CSS

Posted on October 8, 2020
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What will you find in this webinar?

Join us live for our ‘Shopping Ads’ Webinar, in partnership with Google and hosted by Kelkoo Group, a premium Google CSS partner.

Fabien Bourrat, EMEA Shopping Specialist at Google presents ‘Shopping Ads’, the performance ad placement dedicated to placing online merchants’ products on the Google search result pages. Discover more about ‘Shopping Ads’; the countries they are available in, why they’re becoming more than relevant and how they are key drivers of incremental online sales. In this ‘Shopping Ads’ webinar, he will explain the various formats available with this impactful advertisement product (Smart Shopping campaigns, Showcase Ads, Local Inventory Ads) and the different strategies to make the most out of it. Learn tips to increase your campaign performance and understand how this business solution can be optimised to specific commercial goals such as increasing profit, managing inventory or acquiring new customers. Finally, Fabien will explain the pre-requisite you need to run ‘Shopping Ads’ and the role of the Google CSS Shopping partners (Comparison Shopping Services) in this solution.

Vincent Vaussion, Global Partnership Director from Kelkoo Group CSS, will explain how the solution works with a specific focus on the auction mechanism and which retailers gain an advantage when joining a Google CSS partner. Vincent will go through concrete bidding scenarios to explain the consequences of working with a CSS partner in a transparent way. We will bring you a deeper understanding of  ‘Shopping Ads’ placement and how a Google CSS Shopping partner like Kelkoo Group can leverage the different benefits of using a Google CSS  for your Shopping Ads campaigns. Using Kelkoo Group as a CSS partner will sharpen your bidding strategy and increase your visibility all while reducing your CPC and boosting your online sales, increasing the overall performance of  your campaigns

You will receive invaluable insights from this Google CSS webinar and be able to ask questions to ‘Shopping Ads’ experts from Google and Kelkoo Group, a leading Google Premium CSS partner.

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