It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Here’s how Kelkoo Group’s premium publisher network can give you the gift of lucrative festive sales.

Posted on November 18, 2020

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The festive season’s upon us and we’re receiving countless wish lists from publishers keen to join our programme in time for a profitable Christmas. 

Partnering with selected publishers could lead to an early Christmas gift – who doesn’t want quality traffic for high converting shopping audiences.  Our very own Santa Ramon Nithelan, Senior Global Business Development Manager, walks you through the key steps.

What is a Premium Partner and how can I become one with Kelkoo Group?  

All of our premium publishers benefit from a comprehensive product catalogue, access to more offers and increased response to your ads. Your quest for increased traffic returns starts with an open and qualitative relationship via regular, transparent communication with your account manager. All you have to do is sign up

online and the approval process begins with our experts evaluating your traffic. It’s that simple. Start earning! 

How many countries will I have access to if I partner with Kelkoo Group?  

APremium Partnership can open doors to Kelkoo Group’s network across 41 countries. We’ll start you off in two to three countries initially to test what works for you. And after a successful integration, you can expect to spread your wings globally. 

I have multiple sites; can I have these all under one account? 

Yes, you can. Kelkoo Group has a number of different personal tracking links to help differentiate between your sites and organise reports and data.  

How long can I expect the integration process to take? 

You could be up and running within 24 hours. It’s as quick as that.

It’s all down to your integration method and previous experience of working with a feed or API. The more knowledge you have, the quicker the process!  

Once you have access to our publisher extranet and feeds, our team is with you every step of the way, guiding you through our solutions and technology.

When can I expect to start generating revenue? 

Kelkoo Group will start generating clicks to our merchants’ offers as soon as integration is complete. We issue invoices at the end of each month and payment terms can be personalised with your account manager to ensure they are best suited to you and your schedule. 

Our top publishers earn more than €300,000 per month and get paid for every click so what’s stopping you from signing up today? Get in touch with our team of publishing experts today to talk you through any other questions you may have. Payment terms can be set up with your account manager before receiving monthly invoices.

Why work with Kelkoo Group?  

At Kelkoo Group, we generate traffic for more than 12,000 merchants, managing more than 300 million offers annually across 41 countries – making us the largest marketing platform. With over 20 years’ experience, we use our insights and shopping behaviour data coupled with cutting-edge technology to deliver quality traffic to online shops by displaying their product to millions of e-shoppers every month. We’re all about transparency and reliability – you can join Kelkoo Group today with no setup costs to benefit from a dedicated local account manager, reliable tracking and accurate reporting. 

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