To get your flight offers displayed on Kelkoo, you will need to provide a Web Service.
We accept all kind of Web Services, all kind of formats and all kind of requests.

Request details

Please find the required information below:

departure IATA codethree-letter IATA code
arrival IATA codethree-letter IATA code
departure dateall formats accepted
typeall formats accepted (can be an empty return date)
return dateall formats accepted
number of adultsall formats accepted

Optional information

number of children (2-12)all formats accepted
number of babies (0-2)all formats accepted
ticketclassall formats accepted for Economy, Premium Economy, Business, First.
currencythree-letter currency code

Response details

departure IATA codethree-letter IATA code
arrival IATA codethree-letter IATA code
flight number for departure flightall formats accepted
flight number for return flightall formats accepted
ticketclassall formats accepted
priceall formats accepted
currencythree-letter currency code
redirect linkurl

If flight numbers are filled in correctly no additional information is required. Additional information:

departurture date outboundall formats accepted
departurture time outboundall formats accepted
arrival date outboundall formats accepted
arrival time outboundall formats accepted
departure date returnall formats accepted
departure time returnall formats accepted
arrival date returnall formats accepted
arrival time returnall formats accepted
airlines’ codes outboundtwo-letter airline code
airlines’ codes returntwo-letter airline code
duration outboundall formats accepted
duration returnall formats accepted


All static data can be stored on our own servers and be updated regularly as per a frequency defined by you.
For “one shot” update, thiscan be done manually (based on an Excel file for example) but for regular updates, you need to provide a way to do it automatically : another web service, files pushed on a FTP, …

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