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Discount offer visibility

In order to give a better visibility to your discount offers, Kelkoo offers a discount coupon to your offers directly into your file. These coupons will be visible on Kelkoo at offer level, for example:

How to display your coupons?

1. You have an xml file or you respect our text format. Fill in the fields: voucher-title, url-voucher, voucher codes, voucher-end-date in your file. Refer to the section ‘Coupons’ from the “Main fields” for more details.

2. You have a text file that does not match our format: Insert fields voucher-title, voucher-url, voucher codes, voucher-end-date (in YYYY-MM-DD format) described on page Key fields, the section ‘Coupons’ end of the line.

3. The coupon can not be deducted from the final price.

Warning, if you enter a coupon that is not applicable to the associated offer, Kelkoo reserves the right to remove all coupons from the catalog file. Do not deduct the coupon from the final price

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