Understanding the challenges of monetising content

Posted on June 4, 2019

The publisher landscape has shifted significantly in recent months, with fewer publishers choosing display advertising as a sole way of monetising their audiences.

Developing quality content can be costly, in combination with clumsy display ads that sends visitors away instead of encouraging site engagement. Publishers now need to consider a variety of different alternatives to boost their bottom line and secure a regular revenue stream from their site.

Establish a connection

For publishers, establishing a connection with the consumer is key to ensure that their target audience trusts the advertising surrounding any content. Engaging with their target audience is the most valuable currency that publishers can use.

When it comes to exploring the right monetization opportunities for your business, there are a range of options that you can explore and test to ensure that you continue to turn clicks into revenue.

Make the switch

Our monetization solutions for publishers are designed to make earning revenue from e-commerce offers as simple and flexible as possible. Our millions of offers extend across thousands of leading online retailers in 22 countries. Partner with us and choose from either CPC or Rev-Share agreements, from a variety of well-known retailers, that will see your revenue and lead generation increase as soon as you make the switch.

Kelkoo Group is trusted by many of the world’s leading stores to deliver high quality traffic that converts visitors into shoppers. By partnering with us you’ll have a choice of integrating our offers on your website via a choice of Shopping API, Product Feed or Display Ads. Our top publishers have a track record of success and are able to grow quickly, earning up to €300k revenue each month.

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