How to… Optimise your Google Shopping Account by Kelkoo Group

Posted on May 31, 2019

For merchants, making the switch and ensuring that your traffic levels remain optimal after changing to a new CSS provider can be difficult to manage. Here at Kelkoo Group, our team has listened to your feedback and we are proud to be launching our ‘How to’ series here on our blog.

In the first of this series we’ll talk through the most common way retailer’s work with Kelkoo within Google Shopping and how to get the best results for your online store.

How do I migrate to a CSS?

The GMC Migration is a very simple and transparent way to switch from Google Shopping to Kelkoo. All that is needed is an authorisation from the merchant which will then be sent to Google who will perform the switch. This can be completed within 24-48 hours and all the Google Shopping Ads will be reassigned to Kelkoo Group with no downtime in your traffic.

It is also worth considering the additional benefits: absolutely no configuration work is required by merchants on their existing accounts, and the existing Google Ads configuration will not be affected. As a retailer, you will also retain your Google Ads history, providing an easy and fast way to profit from our 20% CPC advantage.

Our dedicated and experienced in-house team are on hand throughout the entire integration process and will continue to provide customised support on performance and campaign improvements to ensure optimal results from your business as soon as you make the switch.

Some common questions that our merchants have posed on CSS integration: 

Why does our Google Ads account need to be linked to the Kelkoo MCC?

We require access for us to be able to give our merchants customised support on performance and campaign improvement.

Can I keep my dedicated Google Support? Yes!

I have EEA and None-EEA Campaigns in the same Google Ads account, can I still work with a CSS?

Yes, we will connect to the Merchant Center targeting EEA countries and if targeting both EEA and non-EEA from the same Merchant Center then we can provide a solution.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch today to access our in-house support and knowledge, while boosting your Google Shopping campaigns.

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